Ed4Online Launches Website for Health and Human Services Partners

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Online education company seeks to create continuum of education in health industries

United States (PRUnderground) November 11th, 2014

In an effort to form new organizational partnerships and bolster its current collaborations, Ed4Online is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website, completely dedicated to health and human service organizations. The website, an offshoot of the company’s main web presence, can be found at http://ed4hhs.com/.

In focusing specifically on the education of health and human service employees within its recently added website, Ed4Online will further and better address the growing needs for continued learning within a variety of applicable careers. Professionals and the organizations they belong to can partner with Ed4Online to receive exceptional educational options in the fields of eldercare and end-of-life care; child, youth and family counseling; intellectual and developmental disabilities counseling; and substance abuse counseling, to name a few.

In being able to obtain information about changes in health and human services fields, as well as ongoing knowledge of new and innovative training and ideas, professionals within these careers will be able to better serve their patients and others under their care.

“The health and human services industry is vast and filled with careers that are constantly changing and evolving,” said Dr. Tricia Seymour, Chief Operating Officer for Ed4Online. “By providing learning resources for each and every career path, we’re helping professionals to remain current and up to date on innovations in their field, helping them to stay abreast of what’s changing. We hope that this increased level of education and the ability to learn at an individual pace, all in an online classroom, will be the driving force for sustainable career growth.”

Those organizations and their employees partnering with Ed4Online and utilizing the company’s new health and human services website will be part of Ed4Online’s continuum of quality through education. The company believes that learning expands knowledge, knowledge leads to efficiency, efficiency improves situational outcomes and improved situational outcomes lead to success, which drives a yearning to learn, thus completing the continuum.

The learning opportunities that are made possible through Ed4Online are done so through its comprehensive learning management system (LMS). The company offers distance learning capabilities, pedagogical best practices, privately branded classrooms for partner organizations, compliance tracking capabilities, the ability to build your own courses for organizations and superior customer service and technical support.

To learn more about Ed4Online’s new health and human services website, to inquire about a partnership with the company or to view the full course catalog that it has to offer, please visit http://ed4hhs.com/. To learn more about Ed4Online or to inquire about learning opportunities outside of the health and human services field, please visit https://ed4online.com/.

About Ed4Online

Ed4Online offers hundreds of online courses in four distinct areas of online education including career training, information technology, professional development and behavioral health training. The company offers core materials, videos, website resources, quizzes, and reference materials as a part of its online teaching experience, all seamlessly embedded in a privately branded classroom for schools, agencies and corporations. Ed4Online’s curriculum is designed to teach courses based on best practices, allowing individuals to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of core competencies.

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