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Emergency Call to Action to Save National Monuments Issued by Indivisible Coalition

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An Urgent Call to Save United States National Monuments Under Threat by the Trump Administration is issued here by the Greater Los Angeles Indivisible Coalition.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) June 29th, 2017

The Greater Los Angeles Indivisible Coalition (GLAIC) are urging American’s to help save United States National Monuments that they report are under threat from the Trump Administration. As a call to this action, they have now produced an important public service announcement to help raise awareness of the threat to the nation’s National Monuments this month.  Filmed on the beautiful peak of Mount Wilson, home to the Mount Wilson Observatory, the PSA video titled, “Common Ground” was produced by GLAIC cofounder Joy Meserve, and her husband, Chad Meserve.

On Friday, May 5, 2017, The Department of the Interior announced the first ever formal public comment period for members of the public to officially weigh in on monument designations under the Antiquities Act of 1906. This is an important action that citizens are urged to participate in, in order to help save the National Monuments, GLAIC reports. The Department of Interior also released a list of monuments under review under the President’s Executive Order 13792, issued April 26, 2017, as listed here below.

These monuments are natural areas set aside for conservancy by previous presidential administrations. Until President Trump, each U.S. President respected previous national monument designations by prior administrations as a part of the former president’s legacy, and as an unquestionable part of our American heritage. These national treasures are landmark areas of natural wonder, wildlife, and historical designations of natural beauty used by hikers, outdoorsmen, hunters and fishermen, scientists, boy and girl scouts, and church groups among more.

“Questioning the National Monument designation of these areas pave a path to environmental destruction of sensitive areas, takes from children’s future, and destroys the trust of the American People in Federal Government to preserve and protect our natural environment,” GLAIC states.

Hollywood Sentinel dot com states, “National Monuments are reportedly considered ‘an object of historic or scientific interest,’ which include all from specific buildings of historical relevance, to large areas of land such as areas of The Grand Canyon, among other famous landmarks. The Trump Administration reportedly wants to destroy the American legacy of National Monument designation, by opening the National Monuments legislation up to debate as to their efficacy and legality. This political tactic could be the first step in leading to the rapid reversal of the federal protection of America’s National Monuments, and thus lead to their potential destruction by industrial, corporate polluters who could purchase the once protected lands and sea areas for exploitation for oil drilling, mining, construction, and the like.”

National Monuments being initially reviewed include:

Basin and Range; Nevada

Bears Ears; Utah

Berryessa Snow Mountain; California

Canyons of the Ancients; Colorado

Carrizo Plain; California

Cascade Siskiyou; Oregon

Craters of the Moon; Idaho

Giant Sequoia; California

Gold Butte; Nevada

Grand Canyon-Parashant; Arizona

Grand Staircase-Escalante; Utah

Hanford Reach; Washington

Ironwood Forest; Arizona

Mojave Trails; California

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks; New Mexico

Rio Grande del Norte; New Mexico

Sand to Snow; California

San Gabriel Mountains; California

Sonoran Desert; Arizona

Upper Missouri River Breaks; Montana

Vermilion Cliffs; Arizona

Katahdin Woods and Waters; Maine


Marianas Trench CNMI / Pacific Ocean

Northeast Canyons and Seamounts; Atlantic Ocean

Pacific Remote Islands; Pacific Ocean

Papahanaumokuakea Hawaii; Pacific Ocean

Rose Atoll American Samoa; Pacific Ocean

GLAIC leader Moira Cue states, “It is a serious breach of ethics to consider removing national monument status from even  one blade of protected grass, and the American people will not tolerate it. This is not a partisan issue. It is an issue of common decency. Opening this up for question shows an enormous disrespect for Theodore Roosevelt, the first president to use the Antiquities Act to preserve wildlife; as well as each of the presidents who followed his example and commitment to preserving America’s heritage.”

The video, linked here below, shows a diverse range of everyday Americans carrying the American flag against a gorgeous, panoramic backdrop, high above the clouds. “We can all find common ground in protecting our nation’s national monuments,” the group states.

It is important for every American who cares about clear air, water, and nature to comment at the government site below adding your voice to the Government discussion, indicating a demand to maintain the protection of America’s National Monuments. These comments may influence results of what happens next. Take action now!

Comments must be submitted no later than July 9, 2017.

Visit this link and click the comment tab at the top right of that page to comment: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=DOI-2017-0002-0001



Works Cited: GLAIC, Department of Interior, Wikipedia, Hollywood Sentinel dot com. Image: Mt. Wilson at the San Gabriel Mountains in San Gabriel Mountains National Monument / Angeles National Forest; Los Angeles County, California, USA, Photo Credit: Moira Cue.

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