Encore Green Environmental Launches New Mexico Pilot Program in Keeping with Governor Grisham’s Sustainability Goals

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Soil Health is the Overlooked Key to Carbon Mitigation

Las Cruces, New Mexico (PRUnderground) October 3rd, 2019

Agricultural company Encore Green Environmental announces their pilot program in New Mexico with John Norris of Norris Ranch. This pilot will transform oilfield by-product/produced water into water that has been scientifically cleaned to match the surrounding soil, in order to increase grassland growth. Then, because of photosynthesis, this increased vegetation naturally mitigates carbon from the air. The pilot was announced on Tuesday, following the NM Produced Water Research Consortium held in Las Cruces.

In 2018, 42 billion gallons of oilfield by-product was produced with over 90% of that being disposed of into an injection well. This water is typically untested and the water’s makeup unknown. Encore Green Environmental’s Conservation By-Design™ method provides a more environmentally friendly solution with multiple benefits.

“Growing grassland is the first step to achieving the Governor’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2035. Using our soil-science based Conservation By-Design™ method, we can clean this by-product water to match the soil’s needs so that grassland can grow on the previously arid land. This means better soil, greater grassland, and natural carbon mitigation. And, it’s all done with traceability and full disclosure of the water’s makeup. To meet the sustainability goals, we have to start somewhere. This is the place to start,” says Marvin Nash, General Manager of Encore Green Environmental.

John Norris of Norris Ranch says, “Not only is this pilot program the answer to the problem, we are going to do it without tax dollars and using sound economic business sense. This is a win for everyone.”

What began as a pilot program in Wyoming, has grown to a comprehensive initiative called, ‘Just Add Water’ that brings together diverse stakeholders to reap the benefits of a “new” source of water for the dry land. The additional water brings benefits of soil health, increased growth, and carbon mitigation.

“When you just add water to arid land such as in New Mexico, everything changes,” says Nash, “The soil gets healthy, erosion is mitigated, vegetation grows, aquifers are protected, and carbon sequestration expands.”

About Encore Green Environmental

Encore Green Environmental is an agricultural company committed to stewarding the lands of the arid west by utilizing their Conservation By-Design method to clean oilfield and other industrial by-product water and then applying it on the ground for agriculture, conservation, aquifer protection, and carbon sequestration.

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