Fashion Week in Moscow, October 15th, Day 1

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The first day of this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week offered foreign and local press and fashion lovers no less than three shows by Global Talents Initiative winners. The three guest creators were accompanied on this day by grand shows from well-loved local brands, starting off with a collection of Russian fashion himself, Slava Zaitsev. Visitors poured into the majestic hall of the Manezh building on the Red Square to feast their eyes on the fashion extravaganza taking place on the runways.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 21st, 2019

Special show Slava Zaitsev: ‘Moscow and Muscovites’

A great way to introduce guests to the new fashion week – a retrospective love letter of sorts to Moscow and its inhabitants by Slava Zaitsev, known internationally as the maitre of Russian fashion.

The finale was especially touching, as Slava himself rose from the audience to thunderous applause. A standing ovation has shown that the appreciation of Slava’s talent is alive and well in the heart of Moscow.

These designers engaged participants of Moscow Longevity program to appear in their shows.

BHSAD ‘Fashion Design’:

The famed Russian art and design school this year wanted to show us a gathering of young creatives exploring the most personal and intimate parts of their own creative psyche.

Calling the audience to view fashion as a pure art form, the young designers had just a year –  starting from scratch as students of fashion – to prepare their finalized collections.

Vertigo (Lorin Mai)

Daria Bas


BUFFISTO (Anna Shmeleva)

minimal (Irina Baulina)

I OF (Natalya Kosheleva)

Nomad tribe (Anna Bikchurova)

SCS Subconscious (Marina Gruzdova)

U WAY (Inna Kuznetsova)

HANE (Natalia Vesnovskaya)

[Mi:] (Maryam Kayikova)

KD (Kristina Dorovskaya)

BHSAD BA (Hons) Fashion:

What followed was a result of another, three-year course at BHSAD, and showed the best graduates of the program. Over the last 11 years it has produced such acclaimed alumni as Jahnkoy.

Liliia Kosyreva (OPW, Office Performance Wear)

Daria Norkina (The Magic of Oil)

Kseniya Kuleshova (KCH-O)

Nensi Avetisian (Cellophane Paradox)

Ira Druzhinina (Electric Getaways)

Diliara Abaturova-Galimova (Family DNA. Generational relationship.)

Dariya Tanygina (Steppe Ballad)

Polina Starygina (Blessed Story)

Valeriya Radchenko (Bohemium)

Sofya Tikhonova (Sinful Temptation)

Korinna Polynskaia  (Skazka)

Maria Vaniushina (Hide and Seek)

Anastasia Vaniushina (Swallowed by the Sofa)


AWS stands for fashion that [does not have] to be seasonal in the classical sense. Driven by their aesthetic belief of combining feminine elegance with both sporty and classical elements with a focus on functionality, AWS develop collections which are usually smaller series of garments that result in a kind of continuous collection, with a focus on sustainability and local production. The fashion designer Karin Wüthrich and the graphic designer Matthias Fürst co-founded the brand in 2016.

glo brand, supporting Global Talents.


This time the Ural region designer gave us a moody collection, showing patterned shirts and trenches of black, white and grey, which bold geometric prints.


CHAIN is a sustainable brand based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The axis of the brand is the consolidation of a national identity. Each concept speaks about EARTH becoming HOME AND SHELTER.

glo brand, supporting Global Talents.

Speranza Couture by NADEZHDA YUSUPOVA

The new collection by Nadezhda Yusupova was called Love Me, which was reflected in every look of the Spring-Summer show.

Speranza Couture by NADEZHDA YUSUPOVA features a glamorous mystery, full of  enchanted colors, transparent fabrics, and abundant decorations.


LITICHEVSKAYA is a unisex label from Berlin, which works at the intersection of art and fashion, taking inspiration from Russian avant-garde, Perestroika culture and Soviet space exploration.

glo brand, supporting Global Talents.


DNA of this emerging conceptual brand that appeared at MBFW Russia is based on nonconformity and provocation, first of all intended to reveal true feelings and emotions.


The brand ODOR has become somewhat of a legend recently, with its hedonist and romantic aesthetics.

This, however, was no lighthearted collection.

Grim pictures from the terror of the trenches of the Great War filled the screens in front of the runway. Messages from never-delivered letters to loved ones from heroic soldiers who fell in France floated around solemnly.

Julia Dilua

The show by Julia Dilua Fashion House started with a truly fairy-tale introduction, and then Australian diva Peruquois appeared at the catwalk singing her Russian Soul. Turning to the Russian national traditions, Julia materialized our folklore and colors in her clothing.

The title partner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is Mercedes-Benz.

MBFW Russia partners: (Official Partner), glo (Official Partner), Mary Kay (Official Make-Up Artist), MONÉ PROFESSIONAL (Official Style Artist), DHL (Official Logistics Partner), Sardinia (Official Partner), Metropol (Official Hotel).

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