Fashion Week in Moscow, October 16th, Day 2

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Day two of this season’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia saw four foreign collections, all very pret-a-porter and conceptual. Beyond that we saw a new collection from Daniil Kostyshin and BAKHTIN, fashion innovators in their own rights, making this a great day for the young and bold in fashion.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 21st, 2019


Set to the classic Habanera, the Haus of Mars was the first course of the day. An avant-garde collection of luscious patterned fabrics, arranged into genderless silhouettes – little jackets and vests, one-piece suits with humongous sleeves hanging below the knees and multi-layered coats, all accompanied with elegant cotton hoods and full-face veils.

GLOBAL TALENTS: svoboda ravenstvo bratstvo (France)

Svoboda, ravenstvo, bratstvo (or “liberty, equality, fraternity”, the national motto of France) presented a practical and elegant menswear and womenswear collection, all emblazoned with the lettering for their brand in cyrillic (СРБ).

The collection had a nostalgic feel to it, with many pieces bringing us back to Soviet Olympic victories and records – many of the varsity jackets used the cyrillic lettering to create patterns reminding us of the Soviet red flag, while others were a fresh take on a classic sportswear.

glo brand, supporting Global Talents.

Sardinia Glam (Italy)

A varied offering of seven collections from Sardinia-based designers – special guests to this truly international and eclectic fashion week. Sardinia itself was a special guest to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia this year, with an exclusive corner within the Manezh space devoted to the Italian island.

Paola Sailis

Atelier Marinella Staico

Roberto Bortolussi

Dina Pinchuk

De.Ma creazioni


Luca Cosseddu

GLOBAL TALENTS: Femme de Mars (Belgium)

Remember the old adage about women being from Venus? Well this Belgian brand, considering itself to be a part of “pret-a-couture”, decided to break this cliche as it presented this evening a truly spectacular collection in deep tones of black and red, for an aggressive and powerful female – Mars being the planet of power, war and fury, after all.

glo brand, supporting Global Talents.


The young designer is a constant staple of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. His creations are always guaranteed to provoke, intrigue and delight, especially for the younger guests of this event.

This time he gave us a very varied assortment of looks, most of them inspired by his childhood in 90’s Russia.

Overall, an understated yet incredibly stylish collection in classic tones of red, black and white.


Starting the final show of the night off with a childhood video from his own personal archive, Daniil, a student of Moscow’s Higher School of Economics’ design faculty, presented his collection, titled “21”.

The trip to childhood continued on the runway itself, with both male and female models sporting garments that strongly remind one of the streetwear in the last years of the 20th century – t-shirts, raincoats, shorts and sweatshirts.


For the designer of the NOT TODAY brand, the trends of local fashion are interrelated and looped in a single system. That’s why the collection features the spirit of the 80s. The designer speculates on internal uncertainty felt by a person that is ready for something, but doesn’t see what is coming yet.


Neon, famous pop beats, and soft red light – this is how the audience was greeted at the presentation by ARUT MSCW. The designer adhered to the key message of the brand – Discotheque couture, and created new looks in keeping with the best traditions of the 50s.

The title partner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is Mercedes-Benz.

MBFW Russia partners: (Official Partner), glo (Official Partner), Mary Kay (Official Make-Up Artist), MONÉ PROFESSIONAL (Official Style Artist), DHL (Official Logistics Partner), Sardinia (Official Partner), Metropol (Official Hotel).

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