Fatechanger, By L. M. Poplin, Time Travels To 1915 Boston in a Coming-Of-Age Adventure Story

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Fourteen-year-old Penelope Clark thinks she’s invisible, but really she’s a Fatechanger. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Boston, MA (PRUnderground) June 8th, 2019

When fourteen-year-old Penelope Clark accidentally travels through time to 1915 Boston, she must disguise herself first as a pickpocket and then as a newsboy, learning how to thieve, fight, and broadcast headlines to survive in an era before antibiotics and open-heart surgeries.

Stuck in the past with no way to get home, Penn makes her first friend ever and many enemies. But when Penn is robbed and the pickpockets kidnap the head newsboy, she finds herself stuck in the middle of a dangerous rivalry, questioning her loyalties to either side and to herself.

After a violent fistfight with a fellow pickpocket, Penn incurs a life-threatening infection. As her supposed enemy nurses her back to health—discovering she’s a girl and befriending her in the process—Penn realizes that someone else must have betrayed her. Her ensuing investigation reveals not only the truth of her betrayer’s identity but also her own.

Fatechanger Book One: Penny Lost introduces readers to historical Boston during a time of inequality and impending war. Penn must figure out how to defy the limitations of her disability and gender to survive on her own, sometimes using nefarious means to arrive at a just end. Full of smart prose that doesn’t underestimate the intelligence of its readers, Fatechanger combines elements of adventure, history, and science-fiction, to tell the story of a lonely girl who discovers her self-worth.

An MFA graduate in Creative Writing from Emerson College, L. M. Poplin won the Dialogue New Voices Award for Fiction in 2004 and her short stories took second and third place in the Irreantum Short Fiction Contests of 2006 and 2011. Her fiction, translations, and criticism have appeared in Necessary Fiction, The Encyclopedia of Diderot & D’Alembert, Dialogue, Irreantum, Nervy Girl, Exponent II, and the short story anthology Dispensation (2010). She is the co-founder of L’ATELIER Writers, a non-profit literary workshop and retreat based in France. Born in Los Angeles, CA, she currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where she teaches courses in writing and literature at Berklee College of Music.

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