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For the Diva Who Has Everything, Author Cheryl Grace Is Releasing Divas Die Too, To Give The Gift Of A Fabulous Send-Off When The Time Comes

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Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) November 23rd, 2020

For the Diva who has everything, author Cheryl Grace is releasing Divas Die Too: The Ultimate Planning Guide to Ensure My Fabulous Final Wishes Are Known. This is the gift of a marvelous send-off when the time comes, to ensure the Diva transitions to an afterlife in the same way she lived: fashionably and with discerning taste.

Grace says she wrote this fill-in-the blank planning guide with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, to make it into an upbeat way to handle a serious issue. “Clarity is a gift,” she says, “The gift of preparedness is priceless.”

“Without Divas Die Too, if something happened to me, my 24-year-old son would probably serve his favorite meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries at my repast,” she says.

However, Divas Die Too makes it easy for the Diva to plan her own grand exit. The instructions say, “Grab a glass of wine (just one – we don’t want you tipsy while planning your funeral, Honey) and a pen, and get to ensuring you leave this world Diva-style!”

The booklet provides a place for the Diva to write down, for example, “Songs I Want Sung at My Service And Who I Want To Sing Them – (just make sure they know the words to the song).” It also provides space for the Diva to record her vital statistics, how she’d like her life story told, and who should (or shouldn’t) be involved in her service.

“Do you really want to leave such important decisions up to your loved ones, who may not have your sense of style or taste? Of course not,” Grace says, “Your family will appreciate whatever pre-planning input you can provide. I know I did.”

Grace was prompted to write Divas Die Too following the passing of her own mother in 2018. “Our family wasn’t totally prepared, but she was. She left us a little blue book that told us the songs she wanted at her service, the color suit she wanted to be buried in, and other details she had envisioned – it was a lifesaver for us.”

Remarkably, Grace’s mother had written that little blue book 40 years before her death, and updated it periodically as circumstances warranted. Divas Die Too is a modern way to do what her mother did. “Plus I wanted to offer a guide with a bit of levity, so it doesn’t add to the depression and overall heavy feelings that come at this time,” she says.

Divas Die Too retails on MyPersonalPowerTools.com and Amazon for $10.97. The planner can also be used if the Diva becomes incapacitated and can’t articulate her wishes orally. “Just be sure that some­one you trust knows where to find this booklet,” Grace says, “Additionally, you can list persons who should be contacted, as well as how to handle financial accounts and property.” Grace cautions, however, that Divas Die Too is neither a will nor a legal document that replaces a will. That’s why she reminds Divas to appropriately address their legal affairs as well.

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