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From the Block To The Bank: How Ash Cash Exantus is Helping Others Maximize Their Full Potential in New Cutting-Edge Memoir

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The Haitian-American Best-Selling Author and Top Financial Educator Releases New Memoir ‘From The Block To The Bank: How To Make The Most Of Your Circumstance To Maximize Your Full Potential’

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 20th, 2021

 Youre a waste of air! Why were you even born? These are the messages that played over and over in my head for most of my life coming up. I was born to an immigrant mother who spoke no English! My father didnt want me, my brother didnt like me, my sister beat me up, my neighborhood was filled with crack and poverty, the church despised me, the schools thought I was dumb and wanted to put me in special ed, my basketball coaches didnt think I was good enough, the cops wanted me in jail, the TV kept telling me I was better off dead, and the old ladies in the neighborhood agreed. I had to fight physically and mentally every day to simply survive, my very existence was a struggle, and I had nothing and no one to turn to.” shares Ash Cash Exantus, Founder & CEO of MindRight Money Management, a financial education company and one of the nation’s top financial educators. 

Renowned for his culturally responsive approach to teaching financial literacy as a personal finance expert and motivator, Ash Cash holds an innate for helping people realize and maximize their full potential, equipping them with the inspiration, tools, and resources they need to live their best lives. The four-time best-selling author has recently published his revolutionary memoir From The Block To The Bank: How To Make The Most Of Your Circumstance To Maximize Your Full Potential. 

From The Block to The Bank is a memoir and self-help guide that teaches you how to maximize your FULL potential regardless of your circumstances,” shares Ash Cash. I am someone who society has labeled as a predator, menace, and threat but despite that, I am one of the top financial educators in the country and have positively impacted millions of lives! From The Block to The Bank is a guide, a reminder to all that no matter what others say, you have infinite possibilities that you can tap into if you believe in your higher self. 

Although he had a rough beginning, by the age of 24, Ash was named Vice President of a global financial institution and ranked 112 in the nation with over 100,000 bankers, which put him in the top 1%. In his banking career, Ash has managed over five branches for major banks, overseeing over $500 million in assets, before opening an $8 million branch from scratch to become one of the youngest CEOs of a federally chartered bank at 31. 

Besides publishing four best-selling books, Ash Cash hosts two shows: Inside the Vault with Ash Cash” every Thursday at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT on Earn Your Leisures popular YouTube channel and various podcast networks, and #TheAshCashShow podcast, a daily business and finance news show that focuses on personal finance and empowering people to achieve financial freedom. Join @Iamashcash LIVE every morning 8 am-9 am EST on and various social platforms. 

To learn more about From The Block To The Bank: How To Make The Most Of Your Circumstance To Maximize Your Full Potential, please visit:

About Ash Cash Exantus

Ash Cash is a personal finance expert and educator based in the Atlanta metro area, where he lives with his wife and two children. He has been featured in most major media outlets, including Forbes, Black Enterprise, Glamour, Today, CNBC, Fox Business News, US News & World Report, and more.

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