Gary LaCarrubba’s New Release “Reflections of Humanity: A Tapestry of Perceptions” Is A Thoughtful Reflection On Life

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Gary LaCarrubba's poetry is a wonderful gem of inspiration for living.

Aiken, SC (PRUnderground) January 8th, 2023

“Reflections of Humanity: A Tapestry of Perceptions by Gary LaCarrubba offers nuanced and interesting perspectives on the way we support each other in life.”

“Gary LaCarrubba revisits traditional stories in the Bible with reflections on how we can each live kindly with more compassion and empathy.”

Reflections of Humanity is a poetry collection that takes on different meanings at different points in time. It is the author’s hope that the collection will inspire the realization within each reader that true wisdom in one’s life is the ability to believe in oneself. The work goes beyond race and gender and addresses humanity at the core.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Gary LaCarrubba’s new book will push the perceptions of readers and serve as an inspiration to each to establish a positive sense of self and a more cohesive view of the people around you.

Many of the key themes in the book have multiple messages. This is also the case in many interpretations of the vocabulary. Everyone has an individual perception of what truth is. These works are representative of this writer’s understanding of that entity.

“This book gave me many new ideas about how I can live with more compassion and empathy for everyone around me. This author offers many different stories and encourages you to replace the characters he uses in his book with people in your own life to make the stories more applicable.” -Elle A.

The book is available from Amazon, and other major retailers. You can find out more at:


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