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The author believes success is about finding a way through setbacks

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) May 20th, 2021

Boundless Success with Bobbie Hall is a motivational anthology available on Amazon that talks about getting out of a negative mindset so as to achieve greatness in life.

Hall is passionate about health and wellness practices that create a positive mindset. Her determination and perseverance to overcome obstacles shine in her role as a teacher and advocate. She has over 14 years of teaching and coaching experience and is a newly Registered Yoga Teacher. No matter the obstacles that come her way, Hall continues to encourage hundreds of students and families to put their health and wellness first through her teaching and network marketing business.

Her mission is to teach and empower others to become the best version of themselves. “A broken heart is not the end, but a chance to start something new. I learned that I am not defined by my abilities, but by my character, and how I respond in times of adversity shows my true character,” says Hall.

Taking the reader on her personal sports journey throughout high school and college, Bobbie Hall’s chapter in Boundless Success is about taking to heart what truly matters in life. When we stop making excuses and start taking responsibility, we can appreciate our victories and find valuable lessons in our failures.

“The difference between success and failure is how many times one gets back up. We all face and experience failures, obstacles, and setbacks in life, but only those who ‘get back up’ will continue to learn and grow,” says Hall.

Hall’s advice for a life of success is about having the strength to persevere through difficult times, seeing the good in every situation, and learning from every setback.

“I have been fortunate to know Bobbie as a student, alumnae, colleague, and friend. Whether it was overcoming being ‘undersized,’ tirelessly pursuing excellence in the classroom, or dealing with loss in her life, Bobbie continues to be one of the most dedicated learners I have ever known. She just keeps growing, no matter the situation or circumstance. Now, she brings that same dedication to helping others in their pursuits. For this, and so many reasons, I am proud to watch as she thoughtfully and selflessly contributes to the lives of all who cross her path.” — Testimonial by Greg Simon, Director of Admission, Former Teacher, Current Colleague, Friend.

“I remember recruiting Bobbie at her high school and was amazed with her all-around talent as a student-leader and basketball player. Then, as a member of our championship team, she contributed to our success with her clutch 3-point shooting and her team-first attitude. One of our top All Americans, Katie (Wolfe) Trolla, always told me that Bobbie was the one that always stood by her and gave her confidence from behind the scenes. Then, when we hired Bobbie as a student assistant coach, she helped us win another championship. Bobbie is a winner in everything she does and is one of the best athletes I’ve ever coached.” Testimonial by Beckie Francis, Former Women’s College Basketball Coach (Recruited and coached Hall for two years).

Boundless Success with Bobbie Hall is available on Amazon.

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