Goldn Survey Shows the Mere Presence of a Dog Has the Ability to Transform Society

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87% say that they have shared values with a dog owner and can relate despite differing political views - - 70% of dog owners say they will give a homeless person with a dog money or food - - 40% will engage with a stranger if that stranger has a dog with them

New York, NY (PRUnderground) December 23rd, 2019

Goldn, a new wellness platform that delivers a happiness routine specially curated for dog owners and their dogs via text, announced today the findings from their latest survey on how dogs influence our lives.

Through the survey, Goldn set out to show that one’s love of a dog and the unique power of the dog-parent bond could be transformative in shaping human behavior towards other humans. The survey mapped out various everyday encounters and showed that people’s empathy, openness and kindness towards others was increased when dogs were present. According to the findings, the mere presence of dogs helps people tap into a higher sense of self and be more humane person when interacting with others.

For example, using a unique pairing of mirrored questions, the Goldn survey revealed that that the mere presence of a dog would cause people to drastically increase both their willingness to help others.

When asked how likely someone was to give a homeless person food or money, 50% more people said they would definitely do it when the homeless person had a dog as opposed to when the homeless person was alone.

Additionally, only 21% of dog owners said they’d lend a person a charger who was in desperate need of a charge. Yet an overwhelming number of those same dog owners (92%) would lend a fellow dog owner a poop bag if they needed it.

The Goldn survey also found that the mere presence of dogs helps bridge the gap between people of different political viewpoints and even helped mitigate potential conflict through reinforcing people’s shared commonality and values. Specifically, when respondents were asked whether they get agitated speaking with someone of a different political viewpoint, there was a 25% increase in the number of people who said they wouldn’t get agitated when they were speaking with a dog owner.

“At Goldn we’ve known for some time the positive power that comes from letting a dog into your heart,” said Jared Kasner, co-founder of Goldn. “This survey suggests people are leveraging that positive power to be empathetic and kind in a world that’s often harsh.”

“Dogs provide owners terrific opportunities to network and form personal bonds with other people,” explains Jennifer Kasner, the other half of Goldn’s founding team. “Our survey found 40% of people will engage with a stranger if they are with their dog – but only 26% will do the same if they are alone.”

And when it comes to measuring how powerful the bond between dogs and owners:

  • 96% of those polled report turning to their dog in times of personal stress.
  • 61% of respondents think dogs should be allowed in the workplace.
  • Over 60% of respondents take their pet on vacation.
  • 40% have thrown their pet a birthday party.
  • Over 20% have a matching outfit with their pet.
  • Nearly 30% write cards from their pets.

“Dog parenting changes us for the better,” continued Jared Kasner. “We’ve created a free service through Goldn to give dog owners a set of practical tools to enrich their lives through science-backed research, dog experts, ancient wisdom, and spiritual guidance.”

To learn more about Goldn and sign-up for the free service, visit:

About Goldn

Goldn is a happiness routine delivered via text message and email that provides dog owners with mindfulness challenges, wellness advice, training tips and fun activities to help them live their best life with their dog. Goldn was founded by Jared and Jennifer Kasner, the parents of Glee the Golden Retriever whose social media brand has over 325,000 followers.

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