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Goldn is a happiness routine delivered via text message and email that provides dog owners with mindfulness challenges, wellness advice, training tips and fun activities to help them live their best life with their dog. Goldn was founded by Jared and Jennifer Kasner, the parents of Glee the Golden Retriever whose social media brand has over 325,000 followers.


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Lynn Munroe

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Goldn & Top Dog Influencers Launch Massive Social #JoyChallenge To Change Society With A Dog’s Love

More Released on January 27, 2020

Celebrity Pup Glee Celebrates Birthday by Helping Others

More Released on January 7, 2020

Goldn Survey Shows the Mere Presence of a Dog Has the Ability to Transform Society

More Released on December 23, 2019

Glee, Social Media’s Favorite Golden Retriever, Embarks on Cross-Country Road Trip to Heal a Nation

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