Golibe Chiddie Anyasodo Details How to Make it Big in Network Marketing in Powerful New Book

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The author believes success is accomplishing our aim or goal. Every little win counts

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) March 22nd, 2020

Author Golibe Chiddie Anyasodo’s chapter in the powerful new anthology, Limitless Success, now available on Amazon, reveals her secret to successfully building a sustainable income in 15 months from network marketing.

Anyasodo is a high-standing professional with a degree in electrical engineering. She proved to be a leader in her sector by working for many international Fortune 500 companies as a sales engineer, oil and gas engineer, business development manager, and commercial vice president. Her career eventually led her into building her network marketing business and turned it into one of the fastest-rising organizations within her company. She likes to say: “The only person between you and your success is you, so take charge, and let’s go!”

Anyasodo breaks down her formula to success into eight points, which any person looking to start their own business can use. These are:

1. Mindset

2. Go for no

3. Social media

4. Collaborate strategically

5. Understand duplication and do it

6. Get some training

7. Lead from the heart

8. No team, no wealth

“Network marketing works, and it can work for you if you have the right mindset, are willing to learn and train yourself (and your team), treat your business as a proper business, and employ these eight points as a matter of course,” says Anyasodo.

Putting her money where her mouth is, Anyasodo reminds us that to be motivated and a hard worker is not enough to run a company. Instead, we should constantly find ways to gain more knowledge, both theoretical and practical.

Anyasodo’s chapter in Limitless Success covers the fundamental facets of network marketing, and through her encouraging words of advice, entrepreneurs looking to start their own business now have the tools they need to achieve greatness.

“Golibe Chiddie Anyasado and I met over 12 years ago in the oil and gas industry where we had a great mentor/mentee relationship and became friends quickly. Golibe is a world-class trained engineer and business manager with vast experience in many disciplines spanning many countries. She has now evolved into a formidable network marketing professional with a passion for helping others succeed. Golibe is an amazing coach and partner, and I am honored to be in the trenches with her.” Testimonial by Estella Yahaya, Oil & Gas Professional.

“Chiddie is an exceptional leader with passion and energy. Meeting her was divine. She has helped me channel the course of my purpose in the last nine months. You can depend on her wisdom when you are making tough decisions. Her business acumen has delivered lots of tangible results globally. Chiddie’s type is rare, and every industry needs to hear and learn from her.” Testimonial by Mrs. Sussan Ini-ituen, Gender and Development Professional.

Limitless Success with Golibe Chiddie Anyasodo can be purchased on Amazon.

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