Good Guys Tree Service from Austin wins 2020 ThreeBestRated® award for Best Tree Service

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Austin, TX (PRUnderground) April 30th, 2020

In life, sometimes, we will be faced with a situation where we are required to choose between two options. It can be scary, but where we end up depends on what we choose.

So when Robert Tumlinson came face to face with a situation where he had to choose between building a Tree service firm from scratch or continue to pursue his professional career, he was perplexed.

Today, Robert is the proud owner of one of Austin’s most popular and Three Best Rated® award-winning tree services, ‘Good Guys Tree Service.’ And Robert shares the story of how he reached this place.

Making the decision:

Robert used to do computer components distribution and sales. In the late 90s’, the tech bubble started to pop. The industry was hammered hard, and the opportunities disappeared almost overnight. So, Robert and his friend were looking for ways to make money.

They both started to cut and sell firewoods to friends, family, and a few businesses in the local area for barbecuing. “It was pretty small-time actually, just a pickup truckload or two over the weekend for spending money”, Robert chuckled.

But as soon as people came to know they had a chainsaw, they started to ask them to cut and trim trees. “Though my professional career up to that point had been the computer tech, with that industry unraveling, I ended up needing to make a decision: start a business of my own or continue pulling at the thread in hopes that the tech market would reemerge”, he explains.

About building his own Tree Service Company:

“My mom was a huge encouragement to me during this time”, he says, “She did more than just provide moral support, she put her own money behind my idea and her investment gave me the capital to step out on my own.”

He started Good Guys Tree Service in 1994 with a couple of his friends and a small circle of customers they already had. Now, fast forward to 26 years later, they are one of the top-rated tree services in Austin.

Good Guys Tree Service:

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. “The City of Austin has a very knowledgeable arboricultural community. Folks here take care of their trees and recognize the high-value trees bring to both the city and to the individual estates that host them”, he says.

“One of the respected and recognized competitors have referred us work that was too unusual for their guys to comfortably handle. Realizing that our people have such a high reputation, even in other tree service companies, has a powerful impact”, he further explains. Robert considers gaining the trust of not only their customers but also their competitors as his biggest achievement.

About the risks involved in this industry:

The tree service industry has one of the highest rates of reported injury in Texas, being edged out only by the underwater welding and logging industries. “There are numerous dangers for anyone in the tree service industry. Working at heights with a chainsaw requires tremendous caution and skill. And working on the ground beneath a climber requires constant task awareness and communication to prevent a drop-zone injury. Woodchippers require no imagination to see the risk of carelessness when working with them”, he explains.

Robert recommends hiring insured and experienced companies for tree work and make sure they have COI (proof of insurance). Thanks to proper instructional classes and an emphasis on safety, Robert and his team are fortunate and not had any serious incidents.

Becoming one of the trusted tree service company in Austin didn’t happen overnight. From technical tree removals in tight spaces with no drop zone to large commercial contracts, they faced many challenges. But their hard work and dedication are what got them here.

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