Google Loves WordPress: An SEO Dream For Beginners

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It seems that Google loves WordPress. WordPress is an SEO dream for beginners. How and why they are having an affair is easy. Here is why:

New York, NY (PRUnderground) January 24th, 2012

By Alex Miranda:

Why are Google and WordPress so much in love? Why is it the perfect platform for anyone who wants to learn search engine optimization? This week Alex Miranda, the Editor-in Chief of the  social media press release company, PR Underground spoke at the Hudson Valley WordPress Meetup group. The topic of discussion was WordPress SEO Basics to Advanced. Let’s take a look at why WordPress sites rank easily on the first page of Google.

In the past year, Google has came out with many updates and programs that have changed SEO forever. Among them are Google Freshness, Query Deserve Freshness and The Google Authorship program. These updates are a match made in heaven for WordPress users.

Let’s take a look at why Google loves WordPress:

Google Freshness Update:

  • Age of Content – Part of your freshness score is the age of content on your website. Google scores frequently updated content differently from content that does not change.
  • Adding New Pages – Websites that add new pages at a higher rate may earn a higher freshness score than sites that add content less frequently.
  • Changes to Important Content – Content above the fold is considered important.

WordPress Solution:

  • Ease of Use – If you know how to use email or a word program, chances are you will have no problem updating your content.
  • Speed – You can change content on any part of your site on the fly. You can even do it via your mobile phone with the WordPress App.
  • Creating Pages & Posts– Creating a page is extremely simple. Every time you create a page or post, WordPress creates a permalink for that page.

This works perfect with the Google Freshness Update. Because it is so easy to create new pages and update your content. Google is constantly indexing new pages and you always have fresh content. Thank you Google for this update. <3

Query Deserve Freshness:

  • The Query Deserves Freshness algorithm favors fresh content over old content.
  • QDF will rank hot trending queries ahead of all other search queries.
  • News sites and blogs benefit most from this algorithm.

WordPress Solution:

  • Adding Fresh Content – Adding content is so easy that it’s addictive. Google loves fresh content and WordPress once again makes it easy to add.
  • Plugins – There are many SEO plugins that will allow you to monitor your keywords and add proper title tags and meta descriptions. There are even plugins that will find keywords in your content for you. Three that come to mind are; All in One SEO, Rank Reporter and Scribe SEO.
  • Blogging – This is a major reason why we love you Google. WordPress is all about blogging and more!!!
It is almost as if Google’s Matt Cutts said, “Hey boss let’s reward all those who use WordPress to blog”

Google Authorship Program:

  • Distinguish and validate your content in search results.
  • There are a couple of steps which you have to take for this to happen.

WordPress Solution:

  • Coding: On WordPress all you have to do is add this line of code, <a href=”” rel=”author”>Your Name</a> at the top of your release and it automatically creates your structure data in the correct format.
  • Plugins – Even easier is adding the Allow REL= and HTML in Author Bios plugin. Then all you have to do is add the aforementioned line of code in your user bio and wait for Google to Authenticate. It’s that easy my friends!!

So you see my friends. It really looks like Google loves WordPress and has rewarded it’s users. This is huge for SEO beginners. There are many other factors I could point out. I think I will wait a bit and do some testing to see if I could beat my 5 minute time of ranking on top of Google with any keyword.

Alex MirandaAbout Alex Miranda:

Alex Miranda has been doing SEO since 1998. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the social media press release distribution company PR Underground. PR Underground has been in the forefront of social media press releases since 2007. Alex in known for his $20, 5 minutes on top of Google strategy.

He is also the Chief SEO strategist at Marknet Group Inc a web design and online business strategy company located in Brewster, NY. Alex has helped many clients big and small achieve #1 rankings on Google. Whether it is on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or blogging, he makes sure the word gets out about the latest SEO news. At Market he is also known for hisFREE 15 minute website review. As Chief SEO strategist, Alex is always finding innovative ways to help his clients achieve greater online visibility.

A master of WordPress SEO, Alex is the assistant organizer of The Hudson Valley WordPress Meetup group. He has spoken at numerous events. in 2010 Alex was the featured SEO speaker at WordCamp NYC. If you have any questions about WordPress SEO, he is the man to contact.

Feel free to call him directly at  845-259-9396  or give him a shoutout at


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