High Heel Rescue Founder Says Women Should Treat Themselves Like Athletes in High Heels

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Ilaria Cavagna, author, fitness trainer, and founder of High Heel Rescue offers information on how women should view the harrowing task of wearing heels. Equipping them with a tool that mitigates the pain and increases strength in the feet, ankles, and calves, the newest answer to foot health takes a big leap forward for womankind.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) February 2nd, 2017

Who would have thought that a gorgeous gal teetering on the heady heels of her choice is likened to an athlete? So says Ilaria Cavagna.  She’s the female entrepreneur wholeheartedly transfixed on giving women every step in the right direction.  As the founder of High Heel Rescue and the creator of a new fitness tool called the Rescue Loop, she recently brought attention to the fact that donning high heels is an athletic affair.  One that is best counteracted with barefoot workouts designed to compensate for all the damage done by foot-pounding repetitive motion.  Slated to bring “the little gym for your purse” to women worldwide via Kickstarter March 1st, Cavagna puts foot health front and center with stilettos in the spotlight.

Cavagna recently said of the usefulness of this type of workout for women, “Professional athletes understand the severe demands their sports put on their bodies. So, in the off-season, their workouts compensate for that damage.  In this area, women who love high heeled shoes have been overlooked.  Just like an athlete, they need a compensatory barefoot workout to counteract the effects of wearing heels. Make no mistake, women are athletes in high heels.”

Simple to use, with two leather straps and two settings, the foot spa is light and small. Offering a way to stand taller and longer, the Rescue Loop is designed to strengthen the feet and give results with minimal time to train.  Two, ten-minute sessions a week impact the knees, hips, lower back, and neck, as the foot fitness tool works to improve posture.

Rescue Loop Goals:

  • Strengthen foot muscles
  • Stretch and separate toes
  • Increase blood circulation – key in the healing process of inflammation 

Cavagna adds, “We all know it.  Something as small as the way you stand, present yourself, and interact with other people will affect both your personal relationships and your career.  My goal with the Rescue Loop is to improve women’s foot health, so they will feel better overall.  Then they’re better equipped to go and conquer the world they’re meant to enjoy in style.  Lose the pain and keep the heels!”

For more information visit www.highheelrescue.org or www.highheelrescue.com.

About Ilaria Cavagna:

Ilaria Cavagna is the first choice trainer of the most recognizable names in entertainment and fashion. With her appreciation for both the art of movement and the science of the body, she transitioned seamlessly into a practitioner of several training disciplines whose common denominator is a whole-body approach, along with compensatory and rebalancing exercises.

About High Heel Rescue

High Heel Rescue is a company based in New York City, New York and founded by author, Pilates instructor, and entrepreneur, Ilaria Cavagna. The company’s flagship product is the Rescue Loop.

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