In his new book, Mike Howren Explains Using the Power of Network Marketing to Achieve High Levels of Success

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Mike Howren believes success is being able to live life on your own terms

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) May 1st, 2020

Author Mike Howren debunks the widespread belief that success is achieved by going to school, getting good grades and finding a secure job in his eye-opening new book Limitless Success, available on Amazon.

Howren is a business owner with a strong work ethic who transformed his life with the power of network marketing to build a 6-figure income. He had his epiphany when he realized that success is not a trade-off between time and money. He says: “I was at a point in my life where every decision I made came down to two things: could I afford it, and do I have the time to do it?  Despite my good job, I was still living paycheck-to-paycheck, was stressed out, and time-broke. I needed a change.”

Limitless success with Mike Howren will make you believe that with the right mindset, anybody can use network marketing to find financial freedom and happiness. Getting involved in network marketing is important for: 1. Personal development, 2. The product, 3. The money.

“Limitless success is never-ending, and it is available to anyone who wishes to unlock it. The key, however, lies within your mind, and the best way for an average person to access that key is to plug into the system of personal development offered through network marketing,” said Howren.

A key point in Howren’s philosophy is to cultivate a positive self-image and to continually work on your personal development. He believes that our income mirrors our level of personal development. So, we must learn to see ourselves in a place where we want to be in life and work our way towards it by developing our skills and surrounding ourselves with people who inspire and encourage us.

Limitless success with Mike Howren is a must-read for anybody who is rethinking their lifestyle and wants to find wealth without sacrificing everything else in the process.

“Having known Mike for nearly a decade, I can certainly say his mindset and business sense are second to none. His passion for life and helping others achieve their goals is unprecedented. He makes an impact with anyone with a desire for a better life, and I’m grateful our paths crossed. Keep inspiring the masses, my friend.”—Testimonial by Travis Just, Entrepreneur, International Speaker.

“Mike is a force of nature. When he sets a goal, he achieves it. I have been lucky enough to see him grow over the years into a great man. He is a great person to work with and an even better friend.”—Testimonial by Mark Sabino, Graphic Designer.

Limitless Success with Mike Howren is available on Amazon.

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