In No Fences In Alaska, a Troubled Teen Flees to Alaska to Start a New Life With Her Fading Grandpa

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Ruin, redemption, and love are themes that weave themselves together in No Fences in Alaska as Harper, 16, seeks a purpose for living from her terminally ill grandfather.

Anders Fork, Alaska (PRUnderground) June 27th, 2019

At sixteen years old, Harper Lyon’s life is spinning out of control. She threatens her parents with suicide unless she can meet her drug-dealing boyfriend, a college student who doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Cooper Lyons, her estranged grandfather, lives in rural Alaska with only his dog and cat for company. He has just been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and he doesn’t plan on letting the disease run its course.

Harper needs to escape her parents and decide what to do about the baby. She and her grandpa are worlds apart, but they may be exactly what the other needs. When Harper calls her grandfather, he welcomes the opportunity to help her and redeem his previous failure with his daughter Heather, who died from a drug overdose years ago.

Harper and her father, Greg, are the story’s first core. Despite their mistakes, neither is vilified. Their choices are frustrating but understandable, including Harper blackmailing her boyfriend in order to get away from him and Greg restricting Harper’s freedom in order to keep her safe.

In the Alaskan wilderness, Harper and Cooper try to give each other the space and love they need to heal. The whole family has to consider what it means to love unconditionally and figure out how to mend their relationships, many of which have been broken for years.

Harper becomes a strong female protagonist who finds her voice and self-respect. The relationship between Harper and Cooper is dynamic, complex, and introspective, resulting in a resonant story of redemption and forgiveness.

The Alaskan setting is both beautiful and dangerous, offering an opportunity for personal freedom and the possibility of a meaningful purpose for living.

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