Introducing Pronti: The AI-Powered Wardrobe Assistant Revolutionizing Personal Fashion and Conscious Shopping

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Shopping for new clothes has changed dramatically; The Pronti ‘Shop With Closet’ feature masterfully curates personalized outfits leveraging existing items in one's closet

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) November 22nd, 2021

The COVID crisis directly affected personal fashion. People were staying home and spending less on clothing. Mid-year 2020 had a massive fall in apparel sales with a steeper decline than in the 2008 recession. During the pandemic, people focused on using what they already had in their closet and their fashion consumption behaviour changed. With vaccination plans going well, and social life going back to normal, retail sales are increasing and the fashion industry is rapidly recovering. Customers are more conscious about buying new items, and their behaviour has changed. Couple this with increasing awareness of fashion sustainability and people are now more mindful about what they add to their closet.

Introducing Pronti, the AI-powered wardrobe assistant designed to streamline the getting ready process, provide inspiration, and cultivate conscious shopping habits. The Pronti App’s cutting-edge wardrobe assistant learns each user’s distinct style and closet to help create the perfect outfit to fit any season, mood, or style. Pronti takes the worry and hassles out of the clothing routines.

Have you ever liked a new clothing item but weren’t sure if it would go with anything in your closet or how you would wear it? More than just a keen stylist, Pronti’s exclusive Shop-With-Closet capability drives a truly unique shopping experience – users can take your closet with you when you shop.

Users can upload their favourite items from their closet into the Pronti app where Pronti’s wardrobe assistant will generate a selection of outfits using existing items and, in Shop-With-Closet, new items available from various retailers, showcasing the various ways each item can be worn. The free, gender-inclusive, app encourages efficiency and conscious purchasing practices while empowering individuals to explore and expand their sense of style for any occasion.

On the other side of the coin, apparel brands have suffered immensely since the onset of the pandemic due to changing privacy legislation, opt-outs, cost per click, and various additional barriers to finding the right shoppers. Pronti’s groundbreaking technology acts as the perfect liaison between clothing brands and conscious shoppers dedicated to supporting smaller and medium-sized retailers that can often get lost in the e-commerce landscape. The Pronti app seamlessly integrates with e-commerce websites to match potential purchases with owned items to create the perfect match!

“Retailers are excited about the customer experience and confidence shoppers have using Pronti. We are grateful for the engagement from people using Pronti to help make their clothing lives easier. We are improving every day and have exciting things planned for the next few months.” – Mila Banerjee, CEO of Pronti

Through dedication to innovation and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the personal fashion experience through AI technology; Pronti’s purpose-driven vision can soon become a reality.

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About Pronti

Pronti AI is a female-founded technology startup that is leveraging machine learning to make personal recommendations, put outfits together, and tackle fashion sustainability. Founded in 2021 and based in Toronto, Pronti’s free smart wardrobe assistant is revolutionizing modern fashion. The app curates looks based on style, mood, and items already in one’s closet to provide valuable recommendations on what-to-wear and buy. Empowering fashion lovers everywhere to take their closet with them on the go, Pronti acts as the perfect liaison to connect mindful shoppers with unique retailers who may not have a voice in the saturated e-commerce ecosystem. Gone are the days of trying on eight different outfits before leaving the house and still having nothing to wear. Pronti is making personal fashion fun again as society enters a post-pandemic world.

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