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Introducing the Highly Anticipated Book on Corporate Debt Restructuring in Emerging Markets by Richard Marney & Timothy Stubbs

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Windhoek, Namibia (PRUnderground) September 22nd, 2021

Richard Marney and Timothy Stubbs are proud to introduce Corporate Debt Restructuring in Emerging Markets; an innovative book aimed to equip finance and legal experts as they embark on a professional journey of corporate debt restructuring in the world of banking and corporate borrowing.  The book examines the five main phases and principles of a restructuring and shows how the elements are applied in practice with both banks and corporate borrowers. The book also offers a specific insight as to how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted restructuring of corporate debt as the economy emerges from the pandemic and businesses look to pick up the pieces.

The release of this book comes at an opportune time, as emerging markets strive to return to a sustainable growth path and corporates reorient themselves in the post-COVID era.  The book’s objective is to equip finance and legal professionals starting out in the field of corporate debt restructuring with a grasp of the deal process, transaction elements, and stakeholder relationship management lessons. The book relies on narratives and case studies to bring the reader into the negotiating room as a means of sharing key lessons gained from decades of restructuring experience.

Ilir Fani, Director of Corporate Recovery, EBRD, in the foreword explains that: “In the non-performing loan restructuring arena, if you were to ask a question to anyone involved – bankers, lawyers, company owners/entrepreneurs, consultants –  to name a few – on how they managed a successful restructuring, they will have a story to tell; a story that most of the time is long, windy and “how the other side never understood” but perhaps also comes with a happy ending (although not guaranteed…).”  A prime example of one such ‘happy ending’ is the story of Trustco Group Holdings, a case study featured in the book. Trustco embarked on a debt restructuring process in 2018 that ultimately ended in success. Trustco had financial covenants set as far back as 2008, which were not only restrictive but also in some cases obsolete. The restructuring replaced the aging covenants with updated and modernised covenants that were aligned to the group’s current capital structure and with updated IFRS standards. 

Numerous special endorsements from the international community have resulted in industry leaders waiting in great anticipation for the launch of the book on the 20th of September 2021.  “What Richard and Tim have woven together is an enlightening and compelling read—using case studies to uniquely demonstrate the complex and challenging melting pot of personalities, situations and role players and then linking this with a structured navigation of phases and principles of restructuring.” — Stefan U Smyth, Partner/Principal, EYP-Turnaround & Restructuring Strategy, Ernst & Young Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd.  

To order a copy of Corporate Debt Restructuring in Emerging Markets, in hard cover or eBook visit Marney and Stubbs recently met virtually with Trustco’s Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Neville Basson, to discuss this significant moment.  Find the full interview here: 

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