Jeffrey “Optical” Cohen Forecasts the Race to the Core of the Earth

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Jeffrey Cohen, the adroit private equity professional predicts the race to the core of the earth.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) February 15th, 2016

The earth is constantly affected by natural disasters, which cost billions of dollars to clean up after. Our inability to mitigate these risks could simply be blamed on our lack of knowledge. Little is known about what lies deep under the surface of the earth and some unusual theories have been brought forth before, one of them being astronomer Edmond Halley’s deduction that the earth was hollow and full of other living creatures. The prediction of the race to the core of the earth by Jeffery Cohen came as quite a surprise.

Jeff Cohen had this to say during his talk in New York City at a Technology Investment Forum held recently, “if we do not know the kind of possibilities there are out there, we will continue making mistakes in the kind of policies and plans we make. Nature is the biggest cause of casualties, more than any war. Only those who are willing to make bold moves and put themselves at risk can create a safer and better future.”

Mr. Cohen was referring to the large number of lives and property lost and destroyed in the occurrence of natural disasters. Nature often leaves us in harm’s way simply because there is no forewarning to any of these devastating occurrences. However, understanding what lies underground better can make quite the difference.

There have already been some attempts at reaching the earth’s core in the past. Back in 1970, Russian geologists began a major drilling project in the Kola Peninsula that lasted for about 22 years. The project was halted 7.6 miles down after the drill hit mushy crust at 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

To the uneducated mind, going to the earth’s core based on our current knowledge from the geography class may seem quite outrageous. But geologists are relentless on coming up with new technology to facilitate this.

Mr. Cohen commended the DaVinci Institute for setting the idea into realization through a competition that will see different countries attempt to be the first to reach the earth’s core.

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Jeffrey Cohen, Founder and CEO, has 6 years of experience in the same position at Golden Pear Funding, one of the top three national legal advance companies in the United States today. Mr. Cohen is also President of the Cohen Group, a private equity company managing a variety of investments and President of Operations for General Vision Services.

Jeffery Cohen is the heir of the New York City’s famous Cohen’s Fashion Optical.  Today, there are over 100 Cohen’s Fashion Optical stores in major mall and city locations throughout seven east coast states and Puerto Rico. Learn more at

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