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The author believes success is found in being a servant leader who never quits

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2021

For some of us, success is not easy to come by. Behind every successful business person and entrepreneur are struggles, tears, sweat, blood, and moments of despair. Journey to Success with Joseph Arguello, now available on Amazon, paints for its readers a tale of determination, perseverance, and dedication, where a former drill sergeant fights against the odds that kept trying to push him down on his journey to success. Joseph beautifully illustrates his struggles so as to give you the inspiration you need to keep fighting for your success.

Joseph Arguello is a former U.S. Army Drill Sergeant who is now one of the best trainers and presenters in his profession. Known for his dedication, persistence, and unique teaching style, he helped launch several direct selling companies and assisted people in building large teams. As a certified trainer, he has taught thousands of business owners throughout the course of his career. In teaching others, he keeps things elementary to make his trainees absorb information and take action quickly. He does the same with his readers, urging them to take small actions towards achieving their goals: “If I can learn a few skills, so can you! If I can learn how to create leveraged residual income, so can you! If I can learn how to help and serve other people, so can you! If I can learn to become the right leader, so can you! Your background doesn’t matter. Anyone who has a burning desire can learn and master a few skills and take action to get results!”

Joseph explains that when you put the law of attraction to work, you don’t have to make results — results will rush towards you. Ask for the right things and surround yourself with the right people. Doing so will make you desire the right skills and meet the right kind of people.

In meeting the right kind of people, you become a learner who desires to acquire as much knowledge as possible. In doing so, you end up becoming a servant and leader to them. This helps create the power of duplication, which can be turned into residual income.

“Leadership isn’t a rank, a title, or a position; leadership is who you are! Leadership is about serving and helping other people,” says Joseph.

Are there difficulties in your path to success that you just cannot seem to overcome? Journey to Success with Joseph Arguello will show you how servant leadership, coupled with perseverance and determination, can help map your road to success.

Entrepreneur Ronald D. Chacon comments on Joseph’s vast array of knowledge and ability to lead: “I have known Joseph Arguello for over fifteen years. He’s a wealth of information and knows what he is talking about in the business industry. He has the incredible ability to inspire, motivate, and lead people to become the best versions of themselves, both in their business as well as their personal lives. Everything he touches turns to gold.”

College Professor Raymond John comments on Joseph’s leadership qualities: “… Joseph is such a great leader that I’d follow him without question or hesitation. We launched various marketing businesses. He was always in direct contact with the founders and owners of each company we were promoting at the time. Joseph built each business with passion and was promoted to various leadership positions. Joseph has a passion to train simplified concepts and steps so everyone can understand…”

Journey to Success with Joseph Arguello is now for sale on Amazon.

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