Learn to Overcome Grief With Maricela DeMarco’s New Book

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The author believes success is how we choose to react in difficult situations

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) July 23rd, 2021

Some of us carry trauma, and the journey towards living a life of success can be unbearable. Journey to Success with Maricela DeMarco, now for sale on Amazon, will inspire its readers to chase after and achieve their dreams regardless of what past troubles ail them. The journey is a rough one, without a doubt, but hope and the drive to succeed will take you to your destination.

Maricela DeMarco is a co-author of Everyday Woman’s Guide To Doing What You Love, a speaker, and a self-made businesswoman. She is a certified mindset and spiritual coach, reiki practitioner, and a small business owner of a virtual assistant services and E-com store. As a mother of three beautiful girls and a proud wife to her supportive husband, Maricela shares her personal experience on how she navigated through adversity and found a new normal to move forward and continue living after the most painful, soul-crushing, and heartbreaking experience of losing a child. Her mission is to bring awareness and normalize grief. Despite her pain, she offers words of hope: “The sorrow of losing a daughter or son will never lessen, and yet I can tell you that it will change. You will regain your life in your own time, only if you refuse to give up. You will find a way to survive and live around the emptiness and pain. It won’t suffocate you as much as it does right now. If you choose to take steps to heal your inner self, you will find joy once again.”

Given her traumatic history, Maricela urges her readers to push on through life’s unexpected obstacles. Deep sorrows beyond our control will come and go. How we choose to react to them is in our control. One must take their time and find ways to heal.

“I voted to take my time. I didn’t rush the process. I allowed myself to sit in the emptiness and gave grief time to unfold. I allowed myself to be under construction,” says Maricela.

Journey to Success with Maricela DeMarco will teach its readers how grieving is not a one-glove-fits-all process. We need to take our time to grieve, but we must also fight against the current to live a life of freedom and success that will take us beyond what we think is possible.

Yadira Breland, the owner of Farmers Insurance Breland Agency, describes Maricela’s strength of character with these words: “Maricela is a strong-willed individual who absolutely loves her family and would do anything for them. Life has thrown some really ugly curveballs her way, and if you see her, you would not even know it. Her faith in God has kept her grounded and positive along the way … Maricela’s testimony has moved and motivated many to stop, grieve, and find a new normal to move forward and continue living! Her strength and growth have been a true inspiration to many and a positive impact on many more!”

Heather Nieves, a women’s empowerment coach, has this to say about Maricela’s nature to be against all odds: “It has been an honor to witness Maricela. Her vulnerability is so courageous. I admire the way she shows up to move through the pain she has experienced in her life, and what an honor it is to guide her with tools like meditation and movement practices to remember she is fully divine and fully human. Michael Beckwith says it best: we are pushed by pain or pulled by vision, and I can see Maricela lives in between these realms.”

Journey to Success with Maricela DeMarco is now for sale on Amazon.

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