Leonie Hunt’s New Book Teaches You To Walk the Path of Courage, Resiliency, and Persistency

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The author believes success is found in the will to be one’s authentic self

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) July 23rd, 2021

Journey to Success with Leonie Hunt, now available on Amazon, is a must-read for those who feel like they’re in a state of limbo determining their reason for being on this earth. Having been in helpless situations herself, Leonie Hunt shares her story of how she overcame life’s obstacles and found her purpose. Life has its ups and downs, but if we live it as our true, authentic selves, we can pave our path to success.

Leonie has worked in various roles such as general management, sales and marketing, customer service, leadership development, purchasing, and logistics. She has earned her stripes in the “School of Life,” survived domestic violence, two bouts of breast cancer, the deaths of dearly loved family members, and a breakup with the love of her life. It is fair to say she has lived a life full of setbacks, disappointments, betrayals, sadness, and loss. However, she has learned that success is all about getting up and moving forward despite whatever you may be facing. Regarding her trials and how she worked through them, Leonie says, “When you do things for the right reasons and with integrity and authenticity, you have the power to lead, influence, and help more people than you could ever think possible.”

Leonie’s life has been a journey of many experiences. All our experiences are either a gift or a lesson. Nothing goes to waste unless we choose not to learn from it.

“When I finally started receiving the gifts and allowing people to give to me, my life changed for the better,” says Leonie.

Journey to Success with Leonie Hunt will teach its readers the path of seeking their authentic selves in the midst of everything life throws at them, good or bad. Whether we gain anything from it or not depends upon us and how we choose to use those experiences.

Liz Dawson, MNZM, of Forsyth Morison Ltd, speaks of Leonie’s zeal and commitment to those around her: “More than words can describe, she is warm, generous, funny, with the biggest heart to be there for those she loves and those who love her. Leonie’s life has been a roller coaster of highs and lows. But through all of the heartache, heartbreak, and tough times she has experienced, her resilience and zest for life have kept her going. She has always been present for her friends, even to the point of putting herself in physical danger in order to protect and keep loved ones safe. Leonie, the life-saver.”

Regarding Leonie’s grit and ability to fight against all odds while maintaining a strong work ethic and professional mindset, John Menz, FAICD CAHRI, has this to say: “She has also supported many colleagues with mentoring and support. Although she has faced serious challenges with health and family issues over recent years, her focus and energy remain at a high level, and her quest for success is unwavering. Articulate and well organised, she is the epitome of today’s contemporary business leader with outstanding business strategy and professional personal relationship skills. Creating high expectations of performance and accountability, Leonie is determined yet consultative, caring, and focused. When Leonie was the GM for our leadership business, she exceeded targets consistently and was responsible for our company winning worldwide sales awards on several occasions. I will always hold Leonie in the highest esteem, personally and professionally.”

Journey to Success with Leonie Hunt is now for sale on Amazon.

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