Lethal Keystrokes: New Contemporary Thriller Explores America’s Vulnerability To Hidden Fanatics

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From author, doctor, computer programmer, singer-songwriter, John D. May, comes a gripping story about a small group of revenge seekers and those who try to keep America safe.

Toronto, Canada (PRUnderground) May 5th, 2022

John D. May releases a plot-driven gallop through the insecurities of modern America.

Lethal Keystrokes is a contemporary thriller exploring America’s vulnerability to its hidden fanatics. From page one, you are plunged into the murky world of hackers and extremists eager to unleash carnage and chaos with the terrorist hunters one step behind. While blending in with their neighbors and co-workers they plot the demise of America. They have a network. They have the resources. And the courage to make it happen.

From Somalia to middle America Lethal Keystrokes draws you into an explosive digital battle, sending you on a fast and furious thrill ride that will keep you awake and invade your dreams.

“Lethal Keystrokes addresses the state of risk that we all live with. For many of us, we are not aware of these risks, or we choose not to confront them. John D. May, with captivating descriptions and scenarios, transports these risks to the forefront of the reader’s mind where they remain long afterward.” Client d’Amazon

Lethal Keystrokes is available on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/Lethal-Keystrokes-John-D-May-ebook/dp/B09XD4C2VC

“What fascinates me is how terrorists could infiltrate our borders and lurk in our midst – the person next to you on the bus, the co-worker, or the truck driver – and whether after living in Western culture for some time, any of them have second thoughts about carrying out their plan to hurt America. In Lethal Keystrokes, not all the terrorists’ targets are what you expect and the heroes have help from some pretty unlikely sources. The main antagonist is extremely intelligent and computer savvy, not willing to ‘waste his life firing off an AK-47 in an airport check-in’. He wants his legacy to be enormous. With help from a computer gamer/hacker who hasn’t left his parents’ basement in years, the FBI hones in on a terrorist threat.” -John May

“This was a gripping, page-turning adventure from the first page that highlights real issues we are facing today in our world. Thank you for the dinner conversations we are about to have this week!” -Karen McMillan

About The Author

The vast and varied life scenarios John May has participated in are the catalysts that ignite his imagination. As an author this allows him to create realistic characters and situations. Stepping away from a promising career as a singer/songwriter to earn a Master’s Degree in Biology, followed by a career as a computer programmer at IBM, and finally, as a medical doctor, he has boundless energy and stories to tell. Find out more about John May on his website: https://johnnymay.ca

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