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Let’s celebrate manhood on the 28th anniversary of Sofia

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Sofia jewelry introduces over a hundred styles of unique men's bands. Our rings are all custom-made from precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver to alternative metals such as silver steel, tantalum, black zirconium, and titanium.

Mill Valley, CA (PRUnderground) August 24th, 2022

Sofia jewelry has completed its 28 years + 3 weeks (because of life)!! It’s all because of your love and our excellence. You certainly don’t feel how amazing it is that you choose to share your special celebrations with us! And now, we get to share those same celebrations with the second generation! On this special occasion, Sofia launched a customized range of Men Bands.

Sofia jewelry introduces over a hundred styles of unique men’s bands. Our rings are all custom-made from precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver to alternative metals such as silver steel, tantalum, black zirconium, and titanium. If you wish for a beautiful quality-crafted men’s wedding band, you have reached the perfect place!

Advertisements of any jewelry store have invariably focused on women because of the widespread understanding that jewelry is only for women. Neither magazines nor billboards featured men wearing wedding bands, but women modeling diamond jewelry was a common sight. More men today choose to accessorize with more than just a watch. Men are increasingly accessorizing themselves with extensive amounts of jewelry. And bands are the most common accessory that every man could wear without hesitation.

For getting trendy bands for men, Sofia is the right place. If Sofia jewelry doesn’t have a ready-made piece that you are wishing for, it can be crafted especially for you! Unlike other

online jewelry stores who just buy their bands wholesale from any wholesale supplier, we design every step of the manufacturing process and customize every band to the precise specifications that were ordered by our precarious client like you, and that’s how you can be assured that what you are buying is unique, and not a ready-made product.

Unlimited alternative for The Gemstones

Here at Sofia. From the more conventional white diamond to our newest varieties of colored diamonds, or rarer hues of gemstones, you are certain to find an excellent fit for yourself. Sofia jewelry designers are always attempting to provide as many possibilities to our customers as possible. That is why on our online store you can find an overwhelming catalog of different styles of jewelry, responding to every probable taste. Due to 28 years of professional attitude and striving to always improve our work, Sofa has outstanding variety and knowledge of current trends and great customized skills. Sofia jewelry makes sure that all of our jewelry is of the best quality. Every band passes the very rigorous control of our team of experts. Every element of our band is crafted and manufactured with the most delicate supervision and vigilance while taking the benefit of years of experience and profound knowledge in the field. Sofia jewelry is working only with ethical and regulated gemstone mining areas. While buying a piece of jewelry here, you can be sure that the gemstones did not come from the dispute zones and only from the most credible origins.

Sofia jewelry provides an insured, quick, and free delivery to your address. Our clients are delivered with the approved GL certification as well as the probability to order the GIA certificates for the diamond jewelry. While ordering here at Sofia jewelry, you can be assured that you are not taking any risks. Your band would be according to your size and specifications, if not you can send back your order and we will deliver you the piece according to your desire.

Because Sofia jewelry‘s goal is for you to get a custom men’s band that you will love your entire life, so you will suggest it to your friends and family. We are determined to provide our buyers with complete satisfaction. Our relationship with our clients is our primary motto. We are working with our clients, from generation to generation, and are sure to go further.

Being a small business owner is not without its challenges but you all make it worth it – times a million!!! We are so grateful to you all for your trust and partnership over the past 28 years.

Here’s to 28 more!

About Sofia Jewelry

Sofia Jewelry, established in 1994, is a landmark of the vibrant shopping scene in Mill Valley, California. It is a full service, family run jewelry store in the Bay Area, specializing in custom creations and bespoke designs. After 22 years Susan and Carl Priolo handed over the reins to their children, Lucas and Sophie, who bring their unique talent as former professional ballet dancers and a lifetime of exposure to the jewelry world, to their role as stewards of the family business. You can trust Sofia Jewelry with all your jewelry needs from repairs to jewelry redesign.

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