Life’s Obstacles Can Seem Insurmountable – A Hero’s Heart By Tiffany Fenton Changes That Perception

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Inspired by a true story, A Hero’s Heart takes the reader on a journey of perseverance through life’s not so everyday struggles.

Ontario, Canada (PRUnderground) June 13th, 2019

As a child, she dreams of flying away to escape the nightly visits from her step father.  At the age of thirteen, she discovers drugs and hopes that they can finally provide the escape that she so desperately seeks.  After the accidental overdose of her friend, Tiffany comes to the realization that suicide may be her only way out.  Following her failed suicide attempt at the age of 17, Tiffany discovers her own hero within, and she commits to taking control of her life.  Her bravery leads to love, loyalty, and friendships in ways that she never thought possible.

Even with a new sense of empowerment and courage, Tiffany’s battle did not end there.  While grieving from the guilt and heartache of her best friend’s suicide, her bravery and faith were overwhelmingly challenged while during her pregnancy she was diagnosed with cancer, and she was told that her eldest daughter had a failing kidney.  Like multiple blows with a heavy battle-axe, more and more heartache followed.  Left homeless after a fire engulfed her dream home, with family in tow, heavy laden with exhaustion and emotion, she and her husband decide to start a new life in a new country. Life would seem perfect for a short period of time until Tiffany is eventually diagnosed with a brain tumor and rare illness.  Will she have the strength to endure?

Your tears will mark the pages as you take the journey through this real life odyssey of struggle and victory.  It is a roller coaster ride of anger, sadness, and overwhelming joy that will change the way you look at obstacles that come your way.  You will walk away feeling breathless and blissful, filled with hope and encouragement.  According to Fenton, “You will discover a new way to overcome anything or anyone who crosses your path as you uncover your own ‘hero’s heart’.”

Writing this book and exposing her past for all to see has been very difficult for Tiffany Fenton.  Feeling naked and vulnerable is a difficult challenge to face, but the shame she once felt has been replaced with a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.  Tiffany says that, “If sharing my story, despite reliving the pain and the emotions of the past, can help elevate even one person, or help them overcome their previous or present challenges, than it was definitely worth it.”

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