Lioness Publishing Debuts Ingrid Jennings’ Children Book ‘Lily Faye and the Mighty Oak’

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The nature-based children’s book has already received hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon and from book critics

Palm Beach, FL (PRUnderground) November 16th, 2022

Lioness Publishing officially launched ‘Lily Faye and the Mighty Oak’, a nature-based children’s book written by author, publisher, and mom Ingrid Jennings and beautifully illustrated by Estela Raileanu.

Jennings is the author of ‘Slopjar’ and has just announced the upcoming release of her newest book, ‘Summer’s Nightmare’. While these books target an older crowd, ‘Lily Faye and the Mighty Oak’ is for children.

The book introduces children and their parents and caregivers to Lily Faye, a curious frog who sets out on an adventure to learn about trees. Lily Faye learns all about the cycling of carbon dioxide and oxygen, the importance of trees, mammals, and kindness – all while sharing these principles with readers.

‘Lily Faye and the Mighty Oak’ was reviewed by Kirkus, one of the most prestigious book reviewers in the industry. In their review, Kirkus compared the book to a 1970s Golden Book while deeming the science facts in the book “simple and easy to understand”.

Currently, the precious children’s book is available on Amazon and has received 300+ 5-star ratings. “Very sweet story to introduce children to the importance of trees and their benefit to all living things,” said one recent customer. “[The] illustrations are adorable. Author and illustrator are a spectacular team. Bravo.”

The book is climbing the ladder on Amazon and currently ranks in the top 70 for children’s nature books.

The Kindle version of the book is available at no cost, while the paperback version of ‘Lily Faye and the Mighty Oak’ is less than $10 on Amazon. More information can be found at

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Lioness Publishing is a self-publishing consulting agency owned by author and publisher Ingrid Jennings.

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