LORR Launches Bespoke Metaverse for Retailers that Bridges Gap Between Web2 and Web3

Industry: Fashion

Provides access to digital real estate for independent retailers, women, entrepreneurs and others potentially left behind in Web3

Camden, DE (PRUnderground) September 14th, 2022

LORR, Inc. today announced the launch of its destination for retailers large and small offering exclusive experiences and engaging storytelling in a virtual environment. The company offers a bespoke, frictionless, seamless opportunity for entering and growing in Web3 for bespoke brands. This includes guidance and approachable pricing, as well as design services. LORR’s end-to-end solution serves as a sustainable partner for luxury fashion real estate in the metaverse.

Seventy-four percent of adults in the United States have already joined or are considering the idea of joining the metaverse. This proportion is similar to the general acceptance and evolution of the original internet. In this context, LORR is positioned as the ultimate hub to redefine e-commerce luxury.

“Through the metaverse, the world has witnessed a technological revolution,” said CEO Nova Lorraine. “We are now in a space where we can re-imagine new realities in a bespoke virtual-reality space. Users interact in a new way within a bespoke computer-generated environment. The metaverse is paving the way for the next trillion-dollar market and we are on the cutting edge of something new and special. Now it’s your turn to enjoy online shopping again. Start the countdown because something really big is coming.”

Named in honor of the rich lore of retailing and real estate experienced by its founders, the company will serve as a bridge for businesses in Web2 to Web3. LORR is incorporating a way to focus on and help underserved communities, such as independent retailers, women, entrepreneurs and others potentially left behind in Web3. LORR makes it easy for small to mid-sized bespoke luxury retailers to be more inclusive, creating brand awareness and a shopping presence in the metaverse. The company takes advantage of a new technology revolution, putting fun back into online shopping.
According to Nova, “LORR is the entry point into Web3. We bring safety, interoperability and a community-first approach, advising and educating retailers about what the metaverse is and how they can interact with their customers as both sides become comfortable with a newly adopted, interactive platform.”

Nova is an award-winning fashion designer, brand advisor and founder of Raine Magazine, which features the next big global names in fashion, culture and technology. She is also the host of the critically acclaimed Unleash Your Supernova podcast.

LORR  is attending the following important events:

9/14 – Women in IT Summit (NYC)

9/15 – Global Wellness Event (online)

9/16 – Eventicon Metaverse Keynote (online)

9/22 – NFT Monetization for Metaverse Fashion & Other Industries (online)

For more information and to sign up for early access and benefits, visit www.lorr.io or follow LORR on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  All inquiries please contact hello@lorr.io

About LORR

LORR, The Bespoke Metaverse, partners with small and medium fashion brands, providing hyper-realistic, virtual real estate and store ownership, while offering a strategic plan to go from Web2 to Web3. LORR meets brands and retail’ customers where they are, specifically in relation to knowledge and adoption of web3 tools. LORR is committed to hand-hold retailers in their metastore journey while helping put fun and social back into online shopping.

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