Luca Martini fashion company, 2021 sustainable summer revolution for youth.

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Kids&Teens luxury sustainable SS21 collection.

Locarno, Switzerland (PRUnderground) November 30th, 2020

The engagement of the new mini fashion models continues with unexpected success, which will accompany the Italian-Swiss brand in the next launch campaign of the new Kids & Teens collection, entirely dedicated to the very young and fascinating generations, who have the opportunity to experience the new works of art. art and completely sustainable new fabrics.

“… Today we want to present to everyone the next mini-models who will wear our products strictly in their countries of residence, respecting the anti_Covid regulations…”, introduces us Mr. Martini.

Thus we find the first super-selected, Amy, who comes from nearby Germany, Berlin. 13 years old, cheerleader and a lot of determination to demonstrate as well as a delicate, elegant and chic beauty; the designer is reserving the creation of one of the brand new suits with the very recent works of art by the artistic director Raffaela Quaiotti, head of the Italian style office.

The gracious and expressive Diana comes from Krasnodar, Russia. Very blond and very young, only 7 years old. Cine-TV actress and model, Diana, juggles casually on the photographic and television set as if she had always been born for this job. Talent to sell for which Luca Martini is designing a nice and sparkling outfit, but also with a pinch of elegance.

In Australia there is Sophie, a sweet 10-year-old dancer, who loves the world of fashion and crafts, accessories and everything that revolves around quality objects, which she wears with skilful lightness, also highlighting the its sparkling vitality. For Sophie, Mr. Martini has already set up a special outfit, which will enhance her joie de vivre, but with a certain attention to her freedom of movement.

Finally on the American continent, we find the small and combative Ava “Ireland”. Irish red, the grandfather is from Cork. Ava lives happily with her parents in the USA and is a mini cheerleader, but very very big! Plenty of sympathy for Ava, whom Mr Martini will wear with sportiness and colors dedicated to her.

Bring the very young generations to appreciate a unique fashion, with the use of original works of art transposed onto entirely sustainable fabrics, handmade in Italy and Switzerland; this is the fashion house’s mission for the next 5/7 years, to attack the conscious and sustainable luxury market, starting with respect for the children and teens, and their true value also with respect for the planet.

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