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Manny Blue, Entertainer Turned Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, Launches Pre-Sale of Exciting Book “Little Boy Confidence”

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Having the confidence to chase dreams can be one of life’s most powerful, liberating qualities. Manny Blue reveals his inspiring thoughts, tips, and even secrets surrounding the subject in his upcoming book “Little Boy Confidence”. The Pre-Sale for the book is accepting orders today.

Orlando. FL (PRUnderground) December 23rd, 2020

With the right amount of self-confidence real miracles can be achieved. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Manny Blue is living proof of this truth. Having gone from a beloved high-energy recording artist and performer, to where he is today, as an in-demand motivational force helping change lives by sharing his wisdom regarding finances and living an abundant life, all fueled by confidence. In exciting news, Manny recently announced his new eye-opening book “Little Boy Confidence” aimed at helping those who lack confidence to build it, is now in pre-sale. The book is scheduled to ship on April 23rd, 2021 to high anticipation.

“Whether you are looking into entrepreneurship, personal development or simply need a little motivation I’d love to help,” commented Manny, clearly passionate about the new book. “Little Boy Confidence provides the steps and guidance needed to build or rebuild the little boy/little girl confidence they once had. And once that happens, breakthroughs in all areas of life, quickly follow!”

The book comes straight from the heart and is written from deep personal experience. According to Manny, he decided to write “Little Boy Confidence” originally for his own children as a guide for them since its powerful lessons aren’t things that are taught in school. The book is a guide for good times and bad alike. Manny himself faced a crisis in confidence in 2015 due to a mix of things, leading him to a dark place, and only by reigniting his confidence was he able to build the remarkable life he is living today.

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About Manny Blue

Manny Blue, an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Who previously entertained his audience on the stage as a performer/recording artist, has traded in his blue spiked hair and dance moves, for a suit and a laptop. Blue finds himself encouraging and motivating his audience to chase their dreams but also change their relationship with money and become financial literate.

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