Marisa and Aaron Rico’s New Book Shows That a Strong Will Can Overcome Anything

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The authors believe that success is found in being fearless and committed to your goals

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) September 30th, 2021

At times, it feels as if life makes us bite off more than we can chew and then throws us into the deep end. Journey to Success with Marisa and Aaron Rico, now available on Amazon, takes its readers on the paths of two individuals who battled through their own struggles, found each other, and transformed their lives. Marisa shares her story of suffering from domestic abuse, how she overcame it, and how she now helps those in the same situation. Aaron shares his story of alcohol abuse and grief due to the loss of his son. Both these stories are bound to keep their readers turning page after page while showing them that no matter how brutal life can be, one can achieve greatness through dedication and a strong will.

Marisa Rico is a life-proof, unstoppable, and fearless leader with a humble spirit. She has taken part in a documentary about domestic violence and was the first to help another advocate pursue the film. Having created a private Facebook group called “You’re Worth So Much!” she empowers victims to take their power back. Her persistence and grit to serve others are so inspiring! Marisa has opened her home to victims and has counseled them. She is proof that with enough determination, we all can transform our lives.

She explains to her readers, especially those who are victims of domestic abuse, that they are worth more than they think: “I realized my worth and know how I want to be treated. I want to make sure victims are safe. No one should ever have to lose their life at the hands of their abuser.”

Her husband, Aaron Rico, has shared his story of suffering from alcohol addiction. His determination to quit drinking alcohol has inspired others to quit drinking. The loss of his son gave him the willpower to keep living life with his family. He has done this without counseling and rehabilitation help and services.

Aaron, with a grateful nature, is thankful for his progress: “Every day I thank God for what he has given to me. I’m better now, fourteen plus years of sobriety, after thirty years of drinking hard liquor. I’m blessed in so many ways.”

Both Marisa and Aaron, having gone through their own difficult and tumultuous histories, give their readers the motivation to lift themselves up from troubling times and gain the willpower and responsibility to live meaningful lives for themselves and their loved ones.

Journey to Success with Marisa and Aaron Rico is the story of how something (someone) broken, no matter how badly it is shattered, still has value. And from these broken pieces, you can create something beautiful.

Anastasia Gajkowska, Advocate for Battered Women and Children, comments on how Marisa’s transformation was inspiring: “Marisa is a friend of mine. I met her while working on my documentary movie about survivors. She was the first survivor who agreed to take part in my project and share her story; this empowered me to continue my work. Watching Marisa working on her book was a huge inspiration for me to continue working on my film. From the moment I met Marisa, I could see a totally new transformation of mind, body, and spirit. Marisa has awoken this giant in herself; her Facebook group became so vibrant and empowering. She is not just an advocate for battered women and children, she is an amazing friend, mother, wife, and soul. Her joy and smile are so radiant. This is a fruit of the inner work she did on herself. Her persistence and grit to serve others are so inspiring! Her heart has unconditional love even through challenging times in her life.”

Roland Rico, Aaron’s sister, recalls Aaron taking responsibility from their early days: “Our lives were never easy growing up. When mom passed suddenly, you really stepped up and took care of me. I know it was really hard for you, but you kept moving forward, and because of that, I moved forward. There have been so many obstacles in front of you all these years. It may have slowed you down, but it didn’t stop you. I love you for your strength and persistence to keep looking ahead. You, my brother, are the strongest person I know. Even now that we are older with families of our own, I can depend on the fact that you continue to be there for me. That in itself means the world to me.”

Journey to Success with Marisa and Aaron Rico is now for sale on Amazon.

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