Master the Art of “Never Giving Up” with Master Chris Lee DeSherlia’s New Book

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The author believes success is finding creative ways to battle the odds

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) October 2nd, 2021

Working towards achieving our goals is never without being affected by situations beyond our control. Journey to Success with Master Chris Lee DeSherlia, now available on Amazon, shows its readers that during these times, it’s not the situation but our response that defines who we are. Master Chris’ fight to keep his business alive and thriving will definitely move those looking for motivation amid a difficult situation.

Master Chris Lee DeSherlia is a Korean American author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and certified self-defense instructor in Combat TKD and COBRA. He began his martial arts training at the young age of four under his father and has trained under various grandmasters in TKD, including Sung Chae Kim, Won Kuk Kim, Kim Bok Man, and his uncle Pyo. His teaching encompasses life skills such as focus, discipline, determination, goal setting, and respect. Master “Chris Lee’s” mission is to empower lives through martial arts training and build a community of positive role models, “One Black Belt at a Time.” Motivating his readers to have a ‘No Quitting’ attitude, he says, “Remember that a black belt is just a white belt who never quit. Don’t give up on your goals, dreams, and wishes. Realize that everybody is fighting a private battle for something or someone.”

Situations in our life can make throwing the towel the easiest option. When things become too overwhelming, we need to remind ourselves why we started in the first place or give ourselves a reason for doing what we’re doing. According to Master Chris, this takes discipline.

“When things seem at their worst, you must not quit. If not for the martial arts discipline that was instilled in me at such a young age, I would have thrown in the towel many times,” says Master Chris.

Journey to Success with Master Chris Lee DeSherlia will inspire you with the motto, “Don’t Ever Give Up.” It helped Master Chris find creative ways to keep things running despite the gloom and doom that surrounded him.

Are you struggling with situations beyond your control? Master Chris’ words will give you the motivation you need to never give up.

Hanshi John Geyston of Geyston’s Martial Arts Academy gives a beautiful account of Master Chris’ leadership skills: “I am proud to say I can call Master Chris Lee a friend. Chris is an amazing leader, serving his community and the families of his academy through his work inside his martial arts academy and throughout this area. He is a man who sees the positive in all he does. You cannot help but be drawn to his positive energy and vibe when you share the same room with him. In 2020, we all were dealt a hard hit with the pandemic. It’s easy to be a leader when things are good, but difficult times were brought to us all by the pandemic. That is when true leaders reveal themselves, and that is when Master Chris truly shined as a leader to so many.”

Hanshi Dave Kovar of  Kovars Martial Arts and Satori Alliance expresses Master Chris’ resilient nature with these words: “GM Chris Lee is an outstanding martial artist who is constantly striving for improvement. Over the years, I’ve watched him tackle life’s hardest challenges with confidence and optimism. He is a great example of someone who is living the martial arts lifestyle and has a lot to offer anyone else who is striving to do the same. In challenging times, we need leaders to look to for guidance. GM Chris Lee is one of those people.”

Journey to Success with Master Chris Lee DeSherlia is now for sale on Amazon.

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