Maya & Me Publications Breaks Down Stay-at-Home Dad Stereotypes

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Newly released book “My Best Day with Daddy” demonstrates to children that households are not all the same nor need to be…

MADISON, ALABAMA (PRUnderground) April 4th, 2016

Children’s book authors, Sheila and Ernesto Alvarez, are pleased to announce the first title in their children’s book series, My Best Day with Daddy, which is now available in paperback and Kindle formats. Readers can also enjoy the all-new book in either English or Spanish versions.

It is no secret that women are taking on the role of primary provider at an ever-increasing rate. In 2013, The New York Times reported that women were on the rise as breadwinners, and Lego recently announced that a stay-at-home dad figurine will be available in stores this summer. That is big news. We have come a long way in the last decade with reverse-roles becoming more and more the norm. The authors wanted to educate families on diverse households but also to demonstrate, through literary and visual perspective, dads ‘getting it right’ and bringing substance to the family dynamic. The couple themselves are one such example.

Ernesto holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and served as a social services professional for several years. Sheila is a career professional with a senior management position in the defense industry. After their daughter was born, they spent the first 5 years as a dual income household, they faced some challenges as Sheila’s career began to grow. After careful thought and consideration, they both agreed that she would be the sole earner and he would care for their daughter, their home and all daily activities. They never looked back. Sheila has been the family’s breadwinner for the past 4+ years and the primary provider for 10 years. Their decision proved successful and soon became the inspiration for their new book.

My Best Day with Daddy is about a little girl named Maya and her father, who is endlessly devoted to being a stay-at-home dad. The story shows the amazing bond the two share as he teaches her valuable life lessons while juggling the busy life of a stay-at-home parent.

In a recent editorial review, Jessyca Garcia said, “I think My Best Day with Daddy is a great book for stay at home dads to read to their kids. It is also a good book for schools to have. Kids need to know that not every household is the same nor does it need to be. I think that Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez should write more adventures for Maya and her dad to go on. I recommend this book to all parents of young kids.”

The reality is that many fathers, as opposed to mothers, are stronger nurturers with intrinsic child-rearing skills that go beyond society’s expectations. “The stereotypical roles don’t always apply and this is clearly evident in our modern day households. We want to deliver this important message through our children’s book series,” said Sheila Alvarez.

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About Maya & Me Publications

Maya & Me Publications is owned by parents and authors Sheila and Ernesto Alvarez. As mentioned above, Ernesto is a stay-at-home father and former professional in the social services sector. He has worked with several families from diverse backgrounds and situations. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Family Studies.

Sheila has served in the IT industry for over 22 years. She has worked internationally and founded her own company in 2000. She now holds a senior management position with a large defense company.

They continue to strengthen their partnership by embracing one another’s personal attributes which bring balance and harmony to their family.

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