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Appnoose has released the next evolution of its, and Apple featured Interval Training app ITGO - Interval Trainer GO for the iPhone and iPod Touch called ITGO Matrix.

London, UK (PRUnderground) March 2nd, 2011

Appnoose has released the next evolution of its Interval Training app for the iPhone and iPod Touch – ITGO Matrix, Interval Trainer GO Matrix. ITGO Matrix further reinvents itself as the most advanced interval trainer for iOS by adding programmable “pods” which store user definable fast and slow intervals in addition to the original ITGO features of programmable dual music playlists, voice and or beep prompts and vibration alerts. ITGO Matrix also introduces separate programmable warm up and cool down interval pods, Matrix repeat functionality and the option to save and load presets and user workout settings. For convenience one of the presets is a standard Tabata workout and the other a Boxing Timer preset, both of which can be further customised.

“ITGO Matrix is the next step forward and I believe is the ultimate Interval Trainer for iPhone and iPod Touch users wanting to lose weight and increase their fitness levels using the most effective form of exercise” states Appnoose founder and ITGO inventor Owen Hunte. “After listening to the feedback from our customers I dug deep to find a practical and elegant solution to create maximum flexibility when doing intervals while keeping it simple and also still having the original dual music playlists, audio and vibration alerts of ITGO”.

Users should start by setting up their fast and slow music playlists by adding their favorite songs from their iPod library in the Sounds page. Users should then choose their audio prompts and song play modes – shuffle, repeat song or repeat playlist. Voice will give a “fast” and “slow” audio prompt at interval change and beeps will count down to the interval changes. Voice and beeps can be active at the same time.

Next users should access the settings page and either manually enter their custom programme, load their previous programme or load one of the presets. Loading or saving is accessed by tapping the disk button. All settings for fast, slow, warm up and cool down pods are saved and can be reloaded using the two user memory locations. Tapping once on each pod will call a numeric keyboard to enter the value for that interval.

Users can also set the repeats for their routine using the repeat button – the button with the anticlockwise arrow. The Play button will start or pause the workout with a single tap or double tapping will call a prompt to either continue the workout or restart using the original settings.

Once setup and the programme started, ITGO Matrix will begin count down of the warm up timer playing a slow song chosen from the slow playlist according to the playlist mode. Once the warm up has nearly expired ITGO Matrix will count down using the beeps and will sound the audio prompt. The first fast pod (first orange pod on the left) will illuminate to indicate that it is active and count down the programmed time before moving on to the next pod slow (blue) pod . When ITGO Matrix has exhausted all programmed pods it will either begin the cool down interval or start the programme over again if a repeat has been programmed. The repeat number is set by tapping the anticlockwise arrow icon and decreases from the programmed number until the repeat value is zero.

An audio alert and pop up will inform you when your work out is complete after the cool down timer has expired.

ITGO Matrix is available now worldwide exclusively in the App store.

Minimum recommended devices and iOS: iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.2 . Only devices supporting multi-tasking will support all the above features.

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