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Mesa Lifestyle Launches Virtual Educational Program, BEEyond Sustainability

Industry: Environment

Doylestown, PA (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2020

Mesa Lifestyle is announcing the launch of its new virtual eco-education program, “BEEyond Sustainability.” The program, available at, teaches how to apply sustainability to all aspects of human existence, through instructional videos, actionable steps, and accessible solutions.

Owner Melissa (Mesa) Matarese says “BEEyond Sustainability” will teach participants how to make behavioral changes in their everyday habits, as well as how to decrease their carbon footprint while increasing their positive impact. “As humans we have separated ourselves from nature,” Matarese says, “This disconnect makes it easier for us to unknowingly make choices that lead to environmental crises. To heal these crises we must first remember that we are nature, and then learn how to live in greater synergy.”

Typically, when people consider sustainability, it pertains to a specific topic, the most common being growing food. “BEEyond Sustainability” will widen the lens and apply it to all areas of life, including conscious consumerism, fashion, and personal habits.

Matarese developed, “BEEyond Sustainability,” in the wake of health challenges from an autoimmune disease. “Reconnecting with nature is what helped me heal,” she says, “I’m teaching this program through personal experience. I’m excited, passionate, and joyful about the way I live life.”

Three years ago Matarese built an off-grid tiny house, which is not serviced by grid lines or connected to public water. “I am responsible for harvesting my own natural resources including solar power and rainwater,” she says. This is a key way she’s translated her life into living in harmony with nature.

Matarese, who is an artist, yogi and instructor at Delaware Valley University and Bucks County Community College, named the program, “BEEyond Sustainability,” because it goes beyond the surface, deeper into minds, hearts and homes, and provides inspiration, accountability, and real, accessible education.

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