Millennial Writer Astounds All by Finishing Novel Fountain of Tears, Ten Years in the Making

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Fountain of Tears is the story of one man, Jacob Miranda, and his difficulty reintegrating into the life he’d left behind.

Nogales, AZ (PRUnderground) August 10th, 2018

In what has become a crowded book publishing landscape in recent years, unknown, 30-something author Gabriel Mabante has decided to add to it with his own debut novel Fountain of Tears. As Gabriel’s first book, Fountain of Tears has been the result of nearly ten years’ worth of tears, frustration, self-doubt, and finally pride in his work. “I’m honestly not so sure that I’m all that confident in my abilities as a writer,” says Gabriel. “But I’m positive about the story itself. I hope it makes you laugh, cry, and simply feel something; if I’ve managed to do that much, then I’ll be happy.”

Gabriel Mabante draws inspiration from such writers as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway and first came up with the idea for his novel in 2008, at the height of the U.S.-led Iraq War, which toppled the regime of dictator Saddam Hussein. As the popularity of the war steadily dropped and more and more troops began returning home bearing the scars of the conflict, Gabriel, a lifelong military enthusiast with family who had served as far back as World War II, was compelled to write a story from the point of view of just such a warfighter, and so the foundations were laid for what would become Fountain of Tears.

The fictional account of returning war veteran, Jacob Miranda, Fountain of Tears is the story of one man’s difficulty reintegrating into the life he’d left behind before ever going off to the Army. Increasingly unable to cope in the aftermath of the IED blast which nearly killed him and claimed the lives of five of his brothers-in-arms, Jacob begins blaming himself for what he perceives as his personal failure to protect his men and isolates himself from his loved ones, turning instead to alcohol—the only refuge able to lessen his pain. Jacob’s self-destructive tendencies nearly lead him to utter ruin, but his saving grace arrives in the form of childhood best friend, Maddie, whose comfort and love finally give him the strength to rise above his inner demons and find purpose and meaning in an existence which he’d all but given up on.

Author Gabriel Mabante is an introverted, coffee-swilling, millennial writer who likely spends more time messing around looking at memes on the Internet than doing any actual writing. Born and raised in southern Arizona, he is also one of those sappy, idealistic types who believes in the power of love; that outlook largely shapes his own personal values and belief in empathy, equality, and justice, and he is a tireless advocate for mental health issues. Those who dabble in social media can follow and keep up with Gabriel with the handle/username @gmabante on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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