MMA Pest Clothing, Mixed Martial Arts Apparel Designer is also a Game Inventor

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MMA Pest, a new MMA clothing line, was created by a game inventor. Pest is an acronym for Power, Endurance, Speed and Technique - skills of a great mixed martial artist.

USA (PRUnderground) November 21st, 2012

MMA Pest, an upstart MMA clothing line, is the brain child of a game inventor. Brian H. Campbell, the MMA Pest innovator said “When I read in an Entrepreneur magazine that a MMA clothing company did 100 million dollars revenue in a single year, I decided to create a MMA clothing design that would appeal to the masses.” Mr. Campbell went on to say “Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world, I am a UFC fan, train occasionally and love creativity so a MMA apparel line was a natural fit.”

As an inventor of a board game and card game, the card game is currently scheduled to be made into a mobile game app for the Android and iPhone. Plans also include an iPad and PC computer version but Mr. Campbell will not disclose the details publicly.

MMA Clothing

designers, game inventors and countless other forms of creativity come from the right side of the brain. Some inventions and designs come instantaneously while others take a longer creative process. With MMA PEST it was both. The major concept was instantaneous while the finished design was over a year later.

Creativity breeds more creativity. We have all heard of people who can play more than one instrument or know several languages. It’s because that section of the brain has been exercised to a higher degree. Interestingly, this creativity can carry over to other areas or subject matter unrelated to one another.

MMA PEST will keep the creative juices flowing with more designs for the MMA clothing and soon to come expanded product line. MMA PEST is starting out with t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, sweatshirts, hats and accessories like mousepads. As a mixed martial artist fan who loves champions we hope your game to try them out.


MMA PEST is a Mixed Martial Arts blog with MMA Clothing, News and our own Top 10 Power Rankings. PEST is an acronym for the 4 attributes of a great combat sports fighter – Power, Endurance, Speed and Technique. Interesting biography info on your favorite warrior via links include stats, records, fighting styles and more.

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