Nelson Martina Showcases ‘Animal Instincts’ with Exotique Watch Collection

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High end horology is given an exotic edge this summer, with the launch of a boutique watch brand favouring straps crafted from crocodile, shark, lizard and ostrich leather

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) April 19th, 2016

High end horology is given an exotic edge this summer, with the launch of a boutique watch brand favouring straps crafted from crocodile, shark, lizard and ostrich leather. Steeped in Swiss precision and symmetry, Nelson Martina caters to those seeking power, elegance and eternal style. The brand is debuting with two exquisite lines, including the Exotique Collection. Each line is defined by its own unique characteristics, yet retains the synonymy of Swiss craftsmanship and up-to-the-minute artistry.

For those in search of left wing timepieces that challenge the conventions of high end horology, the Exotique Collection is engineered to enchant. Using a quartet of leathers, Nelson Martina has created a series of watches that serve as a conduit for wearers wanting to reflect their love for the finer things in life. Animals were chosen for their mystical allure, with ostriches, sharks, lizards and crocodiles all celebrated as powerful beings. The use of fine premium leather channels this power directly to the wearer, sending a message of strength and style.

“We love watches, however as well as the faces themselves we also have an intrinsic appreciation for the role of the strap. After all, it enfolds the wrist and is clearly the most visible part of a timepiece – the part that we instinctively touch so many times a day. That’s why for the Exotique Collection we decided to use straps that are hand made from luxurious crocodile, ostrich, lizard and shark leathers, in a variation of colours. Created as a power bank, the straps allow wearers to intimately connect with the innate power of these animals,” says Nadia Pomirleanu, Customer Experience Manager of Nelson Martina.

Complementing the Exotique Collection is a core line of understated yet upmarket pieces. Subtly stylish and eternally elegant, the Classic Collection is distinguished by clean lines, time-honoured faces and an underlying sense of sophistication. Suitable for both men and women, the watches are perfect for everyday wear.

All designs are inspired by the long tradition of Swiss watchmaking. Dials are tastefully discreet, featuring stainless steel casing and sapphire crystal. Date and second function are powered by a 1 jewel Quartz RONDA 515 Powertech metal movement with a powerful step motor boasting a 45-month battery life.

The Exotique Collection is available at prices starting from £259, while the Classic Collection features ten unique pieces, all priced at under £200. Through an affordable price point, Nelson Martina unlocks access to high end Swiss horology, without the pretentious price tag.

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Steeped in Swiss precision, Nelson Martina is a new luxury watchmaker manufacturing high end horology at an affordable price point. The brand has launched with a duo of debut collections – the Classic Collection and the Exotique Collection. Our two collections target elegantly simple yet sophisticated clients, that look for a go-to watch, that can easily transition between day and night wear. In addition, we offer watch collectors and those interested in unique watch features, a choice of fine leather straps, such as crocodile, ostrich, shark or lizard

About Nelson Martina SRL

We all have dreams, we all have passions. Watches are one of mine. To this day, I clearly remember my father’s watch. It was, for us, the most precious watch, with crystals at the hour index, and fluorescent hands. We used to call them ‘cat eyes’, because they would glow in the dark just like cats’ eyes. He would show me the “cat eyes” at bed time, every night, and I used to fight with my sister to watch it just a second longer, before it faded away. From there on, my passion for watches only grew bigger. When I turned 14, my father gave me a very cool Swiss watch that he kept for me for 2 years. A classic model, he never wore it, nor gave it to me before it was time. He was letting me play with it, but never outside the house. He told me then the watch was for me, for when I was going to turn 14. It was the best gift I have ever received in my life, and I loved it, I used to wear it all the time. 20 years of passion made me decide that it was time to launch my own brand of watches, a watch that represents me: a simple, classic, elegant and resilient timepiece. So maybe we could all gather, in a ‘time’ box, the times that matter.

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