Network Marketing Leader ‘AbdurRazaq Abdul-Aziz’ Launches His First Book

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AbdurRazaq Abdul-Aziz believes success is taking action, no matter how small, towards achieving a goal. Without taking action, you will never achieve anything

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) November 1st, 2019

After being a top earner and leader in the networking marketing industry, AbdurRazaq Abdul-Aziz shares his journey in his first book, Beyond Success, available on Amazon, which features bestselling author Matt Morris, along with several successful people from varied professions.

AbdurRazaq underlines the importance of network marketing to gain financial freedom and success. He says, “Find people who are hungry for success, work together, and build a formidable team.”

AbdurRazaq believes that anybody who has a burning desire to succeed can achieve their goals. He believes that working together with like-minded people and building a strong network marketing organization is a key to financial growth and personal happiness.

“Network Marketing provides a level playing field for everyone, regardless of who you are or where you came from. All you need to do is find a good company, have a burning desire for success, learn the required skills, and apply yourself,” said AbdurRazaq.

AbdurRazaq concludes that while we all aim for a better life, business is all about serving people. Teamwork is, therefore, crucial to achieving common goals.

“AbdurRazaq is a Network Marketing professional and one of the first MLM stars from Africa. He is a loving father and husband and is among the first in Africa to achieve his dream home, car, and lifestyle through the MLM profession. AbdurRazaq is a great example that Network Marketing is the greatest equalizer for all cultures, continents, religions, colors, and backgrounds. I had the privilege of having him as one of my Forensic Networker faculty members for over four years.” – Testimonial by Ramin Mesgarlou; CEO and Founder, Opulence Global Corporation.

“As a Network Marketing trainer, I get to meet people from literally all over the world.  AbdurRazaq is one of the most committed and professional people I know in this business. He’s devoted his life to this profession and is one person worthy of following!” – Testimonial by Todd Falcone; Author of Fearless Networking.

Download a free chapter of the book by connecting with AbdurRazaq Abdul-Aziz.

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