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New Book by Damon J. Smith Addresses Systematic Mind Control and Hypocrisy in Sports

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The much awaited follow up to his sports motivation book takes a sharp turn and entertaining look at some uncomfortable truths about sports, politics, and culture.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) June 9th, 2014

Damon J. Smith, Souletics founder and author of Don’t Stop the Swagger: Preparing the mind, body & soul for peak performance, released his much awaited collection of social commentary essays on May 21. The former two sport professional athlete and Silicon Valley veteran of 18 years entered the world of publishing in 2004 with what reads like a training manual for achieving a variety of personal, athletic and professional goals. Ten years later, after achieving some impressive feats of his own – racing professional motocross, hosting a radio show, and starting a health and wellness company – his new book gives readers a look at the world from an entirely new lens.

“The hypocrisy that we see on a day to day basis can be altogether entertaining, disheartening and oddly motivating,” Smith states. “We witness lies and manipulation by politicians, and we’re entertained by all sorts of wild behavior. It’s as if Americans are under a hypnotic spell, forcing us to accept horrible political solutions and consume poisonous foods.”

According to the publisher’s site, “Swagger Nation highlights the hypocrisy in pop culture, the political power structure, the benefits of privilege, the underlying agenda behind the mega dollar sports world, and a society that claims to be past systematic racism. Swagger Nation will jump start your mind if you’ve been asleep, and validate all you’ve known if you’ve felt like an alien in this new world we live in.”

The book covers a variety of topics, ranging from the Barry Bonds steroid scandal, child support, monarch mind control, popular conspiracy theories, Donny Hathaway suicide, brainwashing techniques, and race in corporate America. Smith says he wrote these essays to create conversation about issues that many people seem to want to sweep under the rug. “Its time that we look at the truth, acknowledge the past, and envision what the future will look like if we don’t come to a point of reconciliation and healing,” he states.

Whether you agree with the content or not, it’s an entertaining, insightful and an easy read, available at Amazon,, and in the Kindle Bookstore.

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