New Elite Drone Technology From Strategic Response Partners Helps Businesses Recover After a Natural Disaster

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Miami, FL (PRUnderground) August 19th, 2019

Too often, business owners think they have all the information they need to get their insurance claim paid quickly following a storm.  They should think again. Disaster management company, Strategic Response Partners (SRP) says they have seen insurance companies quickly deny otherwise credible claims after a significant storm based solely on incomplete or insufficient documentation. The industry-leading disaster response company urges business owners not to become a statistic. With the right preparations in place, SRP clients can rest assured that they’ve done everything right to financially survive the storm, even if their property doesn’t.

SRP prides themselves on being the nation’s leading disaster management firm.  With a dedicated division of highly-skilled FAA licensed extreme drone pilots, they use state-of-the-art technology along with custom-built extreme-weather drones made in the USA.  These outstanding methods monitor and document each property asset, whether before, during, or after any severe weather event. Their pilots have their FAA Part 107 license along with the ability to gain Certificate of Authorization (COA) when a disaster happens in areas affected by Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR). By using their unique drones to obtain essential forensic and videography assessments, aerial measurements, and Property Condition Reports, delivered to asset owners and contractors, SRP can help assist with the disaster recovery claims process. When disaster strikes, SRP’s methods can provide a cost-effective way to minimize the business interruption and maximize your recovery. 

Dedicated to always being able to keep its clients “in the know” as to when and where the next large-scale storm may strike, SRP also works with leading Meteorologist.  By engaging industry leaders, SRP can send predictive severe-weather alerts directly to clients, whether it be critical care facilities, ports, logistic centers. asset owners, multifamily associations, brokers and risk managers. Furthering the belief that there is no such thing as being over-prepared, when alerted of an impending storm, SRP’s drone pilots can immediately launch and obtain pre and post-loss 3D imagery.  This is to document the current property condition before, during, and after a storm has passed.  These details allow the property owner to evidence the actual condition of a property through all stages of an event.  Thus, SRP’s experience and technology can significantly assist in limiting arguments against insurance claims, which are often made upon inaccurate data after a major storm or wildfire. 

SRP’s unique property assessments can potentially be the ‘make or break’ data their clients need to support their insurance claim after a storm has impacted their business and/or property.  As soon as SRP receives the address, they immediately spring into action and begin pre-planning the mission. They establish a flight plan, check surrounding airspace permissions, as well as weather conditions, all to help ensure that they can complete the property assessment within a short couple of hours of their receipt of the assignment. The resulting property report can include everything from damage assessments, roof measurements, photos, videos, and estimated loss, as needed, in an effort to fulfill insurance companies’ requirements.

“This quick response helps property owners, insurance companies, and contractors alike follow up with an immediate assessment and estimate from recent storm damage,”  Tammy Mendez, Managing Director at SRP shares.  “Our speed, accuracy and turnaround time in assessing the storm damage, along with limiting the liability of climbing on roofs to gather data, is unmatched in the disaster response and recovery industry.”

This type of quick response, detailed data, photographic evidence, and resulting comprehensive report is perfect for asset owners and storm contractors that necessitate accurate and timely results on properties needing that additional proof to supplement their insurance claim. Whether clearly defining the wind created openings working alongside forensic engineers, providing thermal imaging, or showing moisture mapping, SRP can do and provide the assistance as needed.  

Those that are in the know have come to depend upon SRP’s significant experience coupled with innovative and cutting-edge technologies to deliver consistent and dependable results. The New Hanover Hospital Group in Wilmington, North Carolina is one such client. When Hurricane Florence made landfall, it was SRP’s drones that were instrumental in capturing all of the pre and post forensic damage imagery and video documentation which proved key throughout their insurance recovery process. 

Call for a pre-storm assessment and disaster audit plan today. When the time comes, focus on repairing and recovering the business, not getting engrossed in an unnecessary dispute with insurance adjusters, or worse, a long drawn-out legal battle. Without proper pre-disaster planning and documentation of a property, proving an insurance claim at a forensic level becomes tedious and difficult.  Instead, let the experts at Strategic Response Partners be the go to Disaster Management company in planning, responding to and assisting you in recovering from disasters.

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