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New Science Proves Greenhouse Gases Do Not Cause Global Warming

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The scientific research proves that greenhouse gases do not cause global warming. How global warming really takes place and that glaciers will cover the planet.

Binghamton, NY (PRUnderground) August 30th, 2012

The European Union still considers committing to reducing carbon emissions. The new science does not support greenhouse gases as the cause for global warming.  The scientific proof is available if you care to know how global warming is taking place.

For the past 12 years, James Kakaire a scientist with an independent research firm, Global Environmental Solutions Wave discovered how several disciplines of science are intertwined and when applied together provides a chilling forecast of how and why climate change is happening now.

When applied to the widely accepted data used by climatologists that support the greenhouse gas theory,   Kakaire’s research indicates that most parts of our Earth will freeze into glaciers in the near future.

The scientific research proves:

  • that greenhouse gases do not cause global warming;
  • how global warming really takes place;
  • how glaciers are to cover most parts of the planet.

If we fail to take corrective measure of or continue to pursue emission reduction, glaciers will terminate life on earth.


The Earth’s magnetic fields indicate what to expect with the upcoming glaciations. This new science shows how the four forces (not introduced yet to science communities) govern the climate system and how they can rapidly change climate on earth in a matter of a few weeks.  The threat is real.

The science also proves part of the research published by Danish geophysicists Mads Faurschou Knudsen and Peter Riisager who in January  2009 found a strong correlation between the Earth’s magnetic field and precipitation in the tropics.

Mr. Kakaire explains in the proof, what the four forces are that governs the climate system and shows how they impact the planet.  His research applies physics, chemistry and mathematics to cosmology, astronomy, atmospheric science, oceanography, storms, and volcanology all of which he links to climate.

Kakaire unifies electricity, magnetism and gravity a task science has looked to accomplish in over 100 years. At the beginning of the 20th century, Albert Einstein thought it would be good and helpful to unify the three fundamental forces that existed at the time.  Einstein believed a single formula from these forces could solve many problems.  He tried to come up with the formula for over 30 years but unfortunately died before archiving it.  This unification was accomplished by Mr. Kakaire.  Kakaire  shows how unification of these fundamental forces, applies to climate, solar panels and other energy related sciences and technologies including space science.

Kakaire also revamped the atomic theory but has not published his work yet.  He modified the basic unit of matter known as the atom and presented it in a three dimensional view whereby it represents a planetary system to help scientists predict atomic events without relying on probabilities and uncertainties.  This knowledge may also be applied to quantum computing.

With the modification, he unified classical and quantum mechanics and this provided a complete picture of the universe at macro and microscopic levels.

Mr. Kakaire is available to discuss his findings with experts after signing an agreement that enables monetary compensation for the private research.

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