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In order to solve a problem plaguing the energy efficiency industry for many years, in 2012 Apex Analytics created the Consortium for Retail Energy Efficiency Data (CREED). CREED serves as a consortium of program administrators, retailers, and manufacturers working together to collect the necessary data to better plan and evaluate energy efficiency programs. LightTracker is the first initiative of CREED, focusing on acquiring full-category lighting data, including incandescent, halogen, CFL, and LED bulb types, for all distribution channels and for the entire U.S. As a consortium, CREED speaks as one voice for the program administrators nationwide when requesting, collecting and reporting on the sales data needed by the energy efficiency community. CREED currently has contracts with major utilities to develop a second initiative that will help monitor Commercial and Industrial energy efficient lighting sales. This initiative is working to obtain point of sale data from electrical distributors to foster better incentive programs from utilities. Over the last five years CREED LightTracker, has become the de facto source for residential lighting sales reporting and is used by utilities from California to Massachusetts. Additional 2019 sales data findings and market and policy analysis are available at For more detailed analysis and recommendations targeted to your service area and program needs, contact Scott Dimetrosky at (303) 590-9888 x101, or email


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CREED LightTracker: New Data Shows Residential LED Market Share Continues to Grow Amid Uncertainty

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