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Maropost is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that helps Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies acquire, engage and convert prospects and customers across multiple channels (e.g., email, social, web, mobile). Marketers can quickly create complex customer journeys, send targeted messages and optimize their campaigns. Many of Maropost’s features are automated, allowing marketers to focus on more strategic needs. For more information, please Visit!


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Jacopo Mauri

Press Releases

Maropost Announces 500% Growth for its New Partnership Program Within 6 Months

More Released on May 27, 2021

Maropost Partners with Rock Content to Create the Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

More Released on May 5, 2021

Maropost and timetoreply partner to bring Marketing Automation and Analytics together

More Released on April 29, 2021

Maropost Announces Partnership and Advanced Integration with Konnektive CRM

More Released on April 15, 2021

Old North Collective Partners with Maropost to Transition Marketing Automation Clients off of Bronto

More Released on April 6, 2021

Martech Leader Maropost Acquires E-Commerce Platform Neto for $60M + considerations

More Released on March 18, 2021

The Future of Email Marketing - Maropost releases an exclusive Email Marketing Trends Report

More Released on February 22, 2021

GetEmails and Maropost Partner to Focus on Synergy Between Email-Based Retargeting and Marketing Automation

More Released on February 9, 2021

Maropost Doubles Down on Security With Appointment of Dennis Dayman As It’s New Chief Privacy Officer

More Released on January 21, 2021

Maropost Forms Partnership with Foundr. The World’s Go-To Learning Resource for Leading Businesses

More Released on January 12, 2021

Maropost Signs Email Marketing Partnership with Digioh

More Released on December 30, 2020

Maropost Forms Partnership with Hawke Media - Hawke Media CEO Erik Huberman Excited to Leverage Maropost's Simplified Automation Platform

More Released on December 14, 2020