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Right Wrong Game Co is the company behind the newest game I’m Right You’re Wrong. I\'m Right You\'re Wrong is a light strategy card game, themed around petty arguments. Created by partners Darylle and Derek Lam, I’m Right You’re Wrong was inspired by a real-life office spat. I’m Right You’re Wrong is a functional card game designed to promote mental wellness in a fun, light-hearted manner. Easy to learn and inviting to all skill levels, I’m Right You’re Wrong introduces a new form of game therapy in hopes of making the world a nicer place. Contrary to the name, I’m Right You’re Wrong is not a game of arguments or angry roleplay, but a hilarious and engaging card game to bridge the gap between frustration and communication.


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Right Wrong Game Co Introduces I’m Right You’re Wrong: The Hilarious Card Game Promoting Mental Wellness

More Released on May 31, 2022