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Right Wrong Game Co Introduces I’m Right You’re Wrong: The Hilarious Card Game Promoting Mental Wellness

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Inspired by a real-life office spat, I’m Right You’re Wrong is strategically designed to make the world a nicer place

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 31st, 2022

It is no secret that communication is perhaps the most vital people skill one can possess. From relationships to families, work colleagues, classmates, and everyone in between; communication can make or break relationships. However, in 2022, communication skills and human connection seem to have fallen to an all-time low, creating division and animosity across the board. Rhetoric can be normalized. Point-of-views can be misconstrued. Opinions can be presented as concrete truths — and then comes name-calling. This idea of “I’m Right You’re Wrong” fuels combative behavior. What if there was a game specifically designed to make the world a nicer place, promote mental wellness, and help individuals communicate without the anxiety of hurt feelings or consequences?

Introducing I’m Right You’re Wrong, a light strategy therapeutic card game designed to help individuals challenge their biases and think before speaking, as words have power. Featuring relatable themes dressed in comedic delight, I’m Right You’re Wrong is the game therapy everyone will be eager to play.

Created in 2022 by Darylle Johnson and Derek Lam, I’m Right You’re Wrong was inspired by a real-life office spat. The duo noted how modern-day communication is failing, spurring a passion to bridge the gap and promote mental wellness while helping make the world a nicer, more understanding place.

“Since playing this game, I found myself more reflective towards my own actions in conflict and relationships.” — Derek Lam, Co-Creator

In this one-of-a-kind game, whoever has the last word, wins. Players arm themselves with a hand of attack, high road, and trap cards. They then take turns playing their least bad option, to outlast their opponents.  If a player runs out of comebacks; they lose. Break a rule, and that player loses. Whoever holds the last card is the victor. Every game challenges players to make difficult choices while navigating an abundance of attacks and traps, making it easy to shoot oneself in the foot. I’m Right You’re Wrong creates a fun, light-hearted avenue of interpersonal connection and facilitates growth in a safe environment backed by sportsmanship.

“The thing that takes this game to the next level is the theme and how it ties in so well – having an argument, needing to be the person to have the last word and not all of the cards are just about attack attack attack. Lots of the [High Road] cards are about taking accountability, empathizing, and being responsible. As a therapist, I think that’s pretty cool that it’s in this game.” — Lance Goodwin; Marriage & Family Therapist

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to promoting mental wellness with no stigma attached, Darylle and Derek’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with I’m Right You’re Wrong.

To learn more about I’m Right You’re Wrong, please visit: https://rightwronggame.com/


About Right Wrong Game Co

Right Wrong Game Co is the company behind the newest game I’m Right You’re Wrong. I’m Right You’re Wrong is a light strategy card game, themed around petty arguments. Created by partners Darylle and Derek Lam, I’m Right You’re Wrong was inspired by a real-life office spat. I’m Right You’re Wrong is a functional card game designed to promote mental wellness in a fun, light-hearted manner. Easy to learn and inviting to all skill levels, I’m Right You’re Wrong introduces a new form of game therapy in hopes of making the world a nicer place. Contrary to the name, I’m Right You’re Wrong is not a game of arguments or angry roleplay, but a hilarious and engaging card game to bridge the gap between frustration and communication.

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