Nicholas Arbutina’s Long-Awaited First Book “Beyond Success” Releases on Amazon

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The author believes that once you’ve tasted significance, success will never be enough.

Dallas, Texas (PRUnderground) August 24th, 2019

Nicholas Arbutina officially announced the release of his first book on Amazon, Beyond Success; featuring best-selling author Matt Morris and other experts who reveal how they turned their setbacks into leaps forward, Arbutina highlights the importance of keeping an open mind, if one wants to lead a more purposeful and rewarding life.


Today, as an author, serial entrepreneur and fitness specialist who has been featured on FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS, Arbutina shares his unique perspective: “You realize that when you started this journey, you were most likely shooting for SUCCESS, but as you achieve more WHYs by serving a purpose, you begin to become SIGNIFICANT. And once you’ve ACHIEVED SIGNIFICANCE, SUCCESS WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!”


Arbutina believes that by following and mastering five simple principles, anybody can lead a meaningful personal and professional life. Arbutina’s key principles are People, Purpose, Process, Products, and Perseverance.


“Get to know and love PEOPLE, find your WHY and never lose sight of it. Learn your company’s PROCESS and share it with unwavering passion and faith. Become a PRODUCT of the product and represent your company with pride, and PERSEVERE through the good and the bad,” said Arbutina.


Arbutina concludes that regardless of the hard times that lay ahead of us, it is crucial to maintain a strong belief in ourselves, and no matter what happens, to never give up. You will succeed only if you constantly do something to push forward. Arbutina’s use of his own experience and strategies, together with clear, simple, and practical advice, gives readers a lot of hope and ideas for their own future.


“As a career-entrepreneur and business leader, Nick knows what it takes to be successful in business. The five principles he lays out are key to evaluating and ultimately reaching the top of any opportunity. Having employed these principles myself, I can tell you his words are right on target and will give anyone the foundation that can lead to a high level of achievement.”  – Testimonial by Ty Toth, International Presidential Director, IDLife.


We are all capable of becoming and doing far more than we could ever imagine, and Nicholas is a perfect example of this truth. The leader he has become is a clear indication this book will add value to you and those counting on you!” – Testimonial by Logan Stout, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Founder of IDLife and Dallas Patriots.


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