Nine fashion brands that went beyond talking about sustainability [source: Fashion Letter]

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Almost everyone in the fashion world is now concerned about sustainability. But only a few brands successfully managed to cope with what they manifest – by different means. Some invented new biomaterials for their apparel production, others went into recycling and upcycling. Here are the lucky ones.

London, UK (PRUnderground) August 2nd, 2022

Stella McCartney

In 2020 the brand from the UK announced the McCartney’s Manifesto, defining and guiding its sustainable vision. In accordance to it the brand launched several innovations such as Coreva – biodegradable stretch denim, or Stellawear – a sustainable innovation fusing underwear and swimwear, made from Aquafil Econyl regenerated nylon and ROICA elastane. The brand also designed bio-lenses and bio-acetate frames for the eyewear.


Gerda Irene

Designer and fashion-activist Gerda Irene embraces upcycling and recycling. She collects objects found in secondhand stores and garage sales such as vintage linen, carpets, furniture and restores vintage technologies of embroidery to create what she calls “fashioned-upcycling”. In her collections you can find both haute-couture dresses and casual jeans and jackets.



Albina Kan and her brand Beena is another adept og upcycling techniques. She creates her outfits using patchwork textiles. She is also keen on vintage silhouettes – flared jeans, voluminous collars and jackets with an accent shoulder line. Only natural materials are used for her collections: silk, cotton, blended fabrics based on natural fibers and denim.



The brand Nanushka is inspired by natural resources. It pursues responsible production with an authentic appreciation and respect to the world around us. The brand works not only to reduce its impact on the environment, but also to give back and contribute positively to the communities it works with.



Nadezhda Abzaeva, the designer from Buryatia and the creator of the eponymous brand, put emphasis on  the local identity. She is inspired by the indigenous rituals of the nomadic tribes that cherish nature the most. Their heritage has a strong influence on the silhouettes and materials the brand promotes. Abzaeva also follows the principles of zero waste production in her collections.


Marine Serre

The young fashion brand from Paris is keen on the ideas of circularity, that are understood as an ability to recycle and to regenerate materials. Almost half of the collections of the brand are made of upcycled materials. Another way to reduce the negative impact on the environment is by working with innovative and sustainable fibers, such as biodegradable yarns and recycled fibers.



The brand designer Elena Mezhova learned from nature to that extent that she called every piece of her collection after an animal or a mushroom. Among them are Ostreidae one-suiter, which repeats aesthetic features of an oyster, Hymenophore sportive suit, and Amanita dress. The collection was 70% made of recycled materials. One dress was even made of plastic bags.


Mara Hoffman

The graduate of New York’s Parsons School of Design Mara Hoffman was among the first who adopted the strategy of implementing more sustainable and responsible practices. The brand focuses on sustainable materials, processes and production in order to extend each garment’s life.
The designer is inspired by the celebration of women and is a vocal and active advocate in seeking racial and social justice for the sake of a more equitable society.



The designer clothing brand BUGERA is a sustainable brand that pays attention to every detail. Each product goes through a long process of creation – from the development of unique patterns, the selection of materials, hand-drawing prints to the exclusive tailoring of models. The collections include the items made using the upcycling techniques.

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