On Wizards, Dragons, and a World Outside of Our Own

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John Doyal writes about a fantasy world where dragons, wizards, and ordinary humans coexist.

Long Beach, CA (PRUnderground) May 11th, 2023

John Doyal is proud to offer his debut work, Dragon Time, hitting bookstores everywhere on December, 2022.  Dragon Time is a compelling tale about a world outside of Earth where wizards and dragons band together to fight an ambitious wizard and stop him in his quest in conquering their world, Hector.  A young orphan named Jason meets the wizard, Gavin, who teaches him magic. Together with a young dragon family headed by Magda, and a ragtag group of children who discovered they have magic, they challenge the army of the ambitious Tulles, an old wizard who controls Magda’s mate, Zab, and wants to take over Hector.

Further dab on the adventure and experience the magic and otherworldly mysteries, you can check John Doyal’s Dragon Time on Amazon.

John Doyal has worked for major companies, providing computer expertise and financial analysis. 

He has been in love with the best of science fiction/fantasy since being introduced to Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny while in undergraduate school. 

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